18 Scorpii system

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18 Scorpii system
Location overview


FLEETCOM Sector Three[1]

Societal overview



18 Scorpii is a planetary system identified as a region in FLEETCOM Sector Three,[1] where the human colony world Falaknuma is located.[2]


Planetary system[edit]



At some point prior to 2535, the Unified Earth Government settled on the planet of Falaknuma in the system.[2]

Exodus Project scare[edit]

By 2535 a large asteroid led by the UNSC Midsummer Night loaded with over a million refugees from behind Covenant lines was approaching near the system worrying the crew of the UNSC Ready or Not that it may have been Covenant. It was not till the asteroid arrived that the crew stopped worrying and began a rescue effort.[2]

Battle of 18 Scorpii[edit]

It was also the site of a minor engagement between UNSC and Covenant forces in 2543, in which UNSC forces were saved by a surprise force of independent/Insurrectionist ships.[1]

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