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Roland Freemont
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Service number:

00745-16778-HS[citation needed]

Notable info:

Commander of Epsilon Eridani Fleet


Admiral Roland Freemont (service number 00745-16778-HS)[1] was the FLEETCOM Sector One commanding officer. He was in charge of the defense of the Epsilon Eridani system in 2552.[2]


In 2552, when the Covenant attacked Reach, Freemont sent a signal to all UNSC ships in the Epsilon Eridani system,[Note 1] demanding an immediate recall of all vessels to Reach, due to a fleet of 314 Covenant vessels entering the system. He was supposedly KIA when the Covenant destroyed FLEETCOM HQ. He also ordered the Cole Protocol to be issued immediately for all vessels and stations in the area before his assumed death.[1]

During the battle of Reach, Admiral Freemont was in command of the Epsilon Eridani Fleet, the largest UNSC fleet outside of Sol, consisting of more than 150 ships and 20 orbital Mark V MAC stations. During the battle, Freemont copied tactics used by Vice Admiral Michael Stanforth and organized his ship to fire in staggered salvos and used refit stations as sacrificial shields.

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