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Prone to Drift
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c.100,000 BCE[1]

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Prone to Drift's first words to Lucy-B091

Prone to Drift is a Huragok operating within the Forerunner shield world known as the Sharpened Shield.[2]


Between November 2552 and February 2553, based on the flow of time in normal space, Prone to Drift and four other Huragok encountered Lucy-B091 inside the Sharpened Shield. After she accidentally killed one of his companions, she showed her SPI helmet to Prone to Drift. The Huragok quickly took interest in the helmet, and began disassembling and reassembling it. After the Huragok was finished, she noticed that the modifications had caused her HUD to display two Forerunner symbols, one of which either modified the audio channels or the physical acoustics of the helmet.[3] When Lucy tried to activate the second, nothing happened; she later assumed it had to do with the helmet's microphone. After several attempts at contact, Prone to Drift had Lucy follow it and the other Huragok. Eventually they stopped again, and made several more attempts at contact. Failing this, Prone to Drift was able to write its name on a console display and the two managed to begin communicating with one another. After attempting to "repair" Lucy's inability to speak and failing, Prone to Drift and the other Huragok led her to the other human survivors.

After reuniting Lucy with her comrades, Prone was convinced to allow additional UNSC personnel to enter the Sharpened Shield. In order to ensure the artifacts the humans removed were safeguarded, but unable to leave the shield world himself, Prone and the other Huragok built three more Huragok, Perfect Density, Tends To List and Leaks Repaired, for this purpose.

Soon after, the Office of Naval Intelligence established a local base of operations in the shield world, which was renamed Trevelyan. Prone was later assigned by the research facility's director, Dr. Irena Magnusson, to watch over their Sangheili captive, Jul 'Mdama. 'Mdama was allowed to venture outside his cell and explore Trevelyan with Prone acting as his escort. As a security precaution, Prone outfitted 'Mdama with a huragok explosive harness.[4] During their walks to Forerunner sites, they conversed about the dyson sphere and matters regarding the Forerunners, including the Didact. While Jul no longer believed that the Forerunners were gods, he pretended to be a devout follower of the religion as a cover, hoping to learn about the shield world so he could plot an escape. During one of their tours to a Forerunner structure, Prone was separated from Jul but found him just in time to prevent him from activating a translocation portal panel. Prone informed him that many of the Structure's portals were operational but malfunctioning, rendering them too dangerous to use. Determined to escape Trevelyan via a portal, Jul later managed to coerced Prone into removing the explosive harness, allowing him to escape through one of the portals in the structure. Prone later informed Magnusson and Admiral Margaret Parangosky that Jul had escaped to a world the Forerunners referred to as Kelekos, a planet he did not know the location of.[5]

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