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Chemical light sticks, also known as "chemlights", are plastic tubes containing two isolated elements that when combined, are capable of producing light through chemoluminescence.[1]


They are currently used by the UNSC. When lit, they glow a sickly yellow color, and are used primarily to mark areas or as emergency lighting.[2] The UNSC also utilizes glow rods for similar purposes.[3]

Chemical light sticks were used by Spartan Red Team to provide lighting in CASTLE Base on Reach,[2] and later during Operation: FIRST STRIKE on the captured Spirit dropship.[4]

Chemical light sticks were also used by Recon Team Bravo during a night operation.[5]

Major Elijah Vaughan of the ODST kept spare chemical light sticks on his person for situations where other methods of signaling were unusable or unsafe.[1]


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