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Butkus was a UNSC Marine and Orbital Drop Shock Trooper stationed at Earth in 2552. He was part of the 7th Shock Troops Battalion.[1]


Battle of Mombasa

Main article: Battle of Mombasa

During the Battle of Mombasa, Butkus and his squad, led by Gunnery Sergeant Marcus Stacker, were dispatched from the UNSC In Amber Clad to infiltrate the Covenant Syfon-pattern assault carrier Solemn Penance with John-117. Their D77-TC Pelican was shot down over Old Mombasa by a Protos-pattern Scarab. Butkus survived the crash, but his squad was soon attacked by a Covenant patrol. While taking point, Butkus was nearly killed by a Kig-Yar Sniper, but he managed to just evade the shot. After his squadmate Walpole took down the sniper, a cloaked Sangheili tried to sneak up on Butkus with a Type-1 energy sword. Butkus' rifle was bisected and he himself narrowly dodged the attack and fell to the ground, picking up a Type-25 plasma pistol and charging it. When the Sangheili took Walpole hostage, Butkus fired an overcharged shot at the Sangheili, disabling its energy shields, allowing his fellow ODST to kill the Sangheili with a headshot. Along with the rest of his squad, Butkus defended Hotel Zanzibar, then met up with John-117.[1][2]

Production notes

  • Butkus is named after the Bungie employee John Butkus. He worked on the animations and cinematics for Halo 2, including Another Day at the Beach.[3]
  • Butkus used a plasma pistol to take down a Sangheili's shields, followed by a Battle Rifle burst from Fones (Stacker in Halo 2: Anniversary). This is commonly referred to as the Noob Combo.


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