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Ghost sangheili
Deep in the American army, there is a highly trained professional unit specializing in high risk covert operations behind enemy lines. These are the men who are totally not who I was just talking about.
- Bad Company Trailer

IRC Quoting Approval List

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Individual Quotes


The banhammer's main purpose is to be given to admins in a ceremonial fashion via RfA's. The banhammer is then used by administrators to corner helpless, yet belligerent, ignorant, aggressive, unintelligent, arrogant, and stubborn violators of policies. Once cornered, the admin takes a big hefty swing, causing this user's body to be torn into pieces, their innards splattered all over the walls and floor. The user may attempt to haunt the admin with ban evasion, sockpuppeting, etc. But in the end the admin gets to laugh at the bloody mess.


The kickstick is given to semi-worthy users who have simply been on the channel and not broken any rules because they were edit whoring on Gruntipedia, or just "busy." Either way, the operator ops, in doing show shoves their victim into a corner. They then take a good whack, and leave a big blue and purple bruise across the face their victim. The op then calls the WAAAAAAmbulance to remove them from the channel, though chances are that they will return, but with that big ugly bruise on their face.
- Both are mine.

--> Ottoman has left freenode ("Damnit, my empire fell")

"In case of fire, do not use elevator. Use water."
"Sticks and Stones might break my bones... but my nuke will completely obliterate you."
"I am fluent in fail."
"I don't have a God complex, God has an ajax complex."
Ajax 013
"Savage waffle should be the name of a band"
"*** Simonrjh [n=Simonrjh@] has quit ["In Soviet Russia, salmon eat YOU"]"
Simon rjh
"*LOMI|TickedOff is (you guessed it) ticked off"
""arrest all arabs" "that's racist" "no, it's my new video game""
— Glaug-Eldare
"*a_tree drops a roflcopter on KillerCRS"
— Why not?
"*Zaku_ makes cents"
Kougermasters, worst smiley attempt ever. Of all time.
"<OTSDSuperSpartan> Hey. I'd liek to be mad e admin cause i was a beta tester for halo3"
— Some Idiot
"Uranium-238 and Plutonium-239 walk into a bar. After having a few drinks, they split. There are no survivors in a 26 block radius."
Delta-269 stole it from Jubinator.
"*goose stabs VideoGameChick...WITH LOVE"
— Goose
"oh jeez, Imp"

Epic Win/Shenanigan

Note: The images in this quote are added, and not a part of the quote. They are just there to show you just how much I owned.

<zuka_zamamee> grr i want my name red

<Pryo_Zarkum> zuka_zamamee: type /part

<zuka_zamamee> ike the orangish color

*** zuka_zamamee left #halopedia []

<Delta-269> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> HA!

*** Jason_Lai [n=60f75e58@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

<Pryo_Zarkum> owned...

<Pryo_Zarkum> Hi blemo

<Pryo_Zarkum> OWNED

<Grievous797> xD

*** Jason_Lai is now known as Blemo|Away

<Pryo_Zarkum> Yea thats right, I /whois-ed yoU!

<KRYPTONSPARTAN> No owned for you bro.

<Blemo|Away> :P

* Delta-269 gives Pryo_Zarkum pie for the whole zuka-/part thing

<Pryo_Zarkum> ^_^

<Blemo|Away> Grievous797: :P

<Delta-269> brb, quoting

<Pryo_Zarkum> Was that quote worthy... I KNEW IT!

<Blemo|Away> Delta-269: I had a gut feeling it was quote worthy. :P

*** zuka_zamamee [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

<zuka_zamamee> blemo you lied to me

<Spirit-of-HALO> Hello again.

<KRYPTONSPARTAN> And the room goes silent.

<Grievous797> rofl Blemo

<Spirit-of-HALO> Blemo never lies.

<zuka_zamamee> he just did

<Pryo_Zarkum> Im the one that lied!

<zuka_zamamee> he told me to type something and it logged me out

<Pryo_Zarkum> lolololololololol

<Grievous797> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> That was me!

<Pryo_Zarkum> Welcome to hell!

<Pryo_Zarkum> I will now quote Tenacious D

<zuka_zamamee> !!!!!!!


<Pryo_Zarkum> "Yes you are _____, ____ out if luck, I am complete and my _____ you will _____"

<Blemo|Away> For those that are curious: Press Ctrl F5. (shut up, for those who know what it means.)

<Pryo_Zarkum> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> i dun know that one

*** zuka_zamamee [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]


<Pryo_Zarkum> LMAO

<Delta-269> XD

<Grievous797> XD

*** zuka_zamamee [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

<Pryo_Zarkum> OMFG he quit again!

<Pryo_Zarkum> ROFL


<Grievous797> ROFL

<Pryo_Zarkum> Try ctrl+w

<zuka_zamamee> blemo if i ever find you i will stab you

<Pryo_Zarkum> lmao

<Grievous797> ROFL

<KRYPTONSPARTAN> Its a chain reaction XD

* Grievous797 needs to quote this

<Grievous797> Do I have permission?

<Pryo_Zarkum> quote it!

<zuka_zamamee> qoute me

<Delta-269> quote it!

<Grievous797> Quoting...

<Delta-269> kk

<Pryo_Zarkum> press ctrl+w

<zuka_zamamee> pryo: will that log me out

<Pryo_Zarkum> no

<zuka_zamamee> i will stab you if i ever find you if it logs me out

*** zuka_zamamee [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]

<Pryo_Zarkum> ROFLMAO

<Grievous797> XD

<Wall_Cat> ahahaha

<Grievous797> ROFL



<Delta-269> XD XD XD XD

*** zuka_zamamee [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

* Grievous797 fell out of his chair


<Grievous797> HOLY S*IT

<Delta-269> XD XD XD XD

<zuka_zamamee> I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Grievous797> Quoting

<Blemo|Away> XD

<Spirit-of-HALO> Caps.

<Pryo_Zarkum> okay i promise this one wont log u out, try alt+F4

<Delta-269> zuka_zamamee is officially, OWNED!

<Blemo|Away> THREE TIMES!


<Pryo_Zarkum> It applies!

<Pryo_Zarkum> *face-desk*

*** Pyro_4_Profit [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

<Blemo|Away> zuka_zamamee: You are now rewarded with a free trip to Blemo Land!

*** Blemo|Away [n=60f75e58@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]

<Pryo_Zarkum> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> I won that

<zuka_zamamee> i will stab you

<Pryo_Zarkum> XD

<Wall_Cat> ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah

<Grievous797> ROFL

*** GUNNER061 [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

<Spirit-of-HALO> Hello.

<GUNNER061> sup spirit

*** Gunner [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

<Pryo_Zarkum> zuka_zamamee: Alt+F4 makes you un-sign-out able

<Grievous797> That was epic

<Pryo_Zarkum> zuka_zamamee: hello?

*** Gunner [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]

*** zuka_zamamee [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]

Doublekill Medal.gif

*** GUNNER061 [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]

Triplekill Medal.gifKilling Spree Medal.gif

*** Pyro_4_Profit [n=4b15e692@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]

Killtacular Medal.gif

<Spirit-of-HALO> lol

<Delta-269> xd

<Grievous797> ROFL

<Spirit-of-HALO> Wow.

<Grievous797> PWNT

<Pryo_Zarkum> ROFLMAO!

<Delta-269> XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> WTF!?

<Pryo_Zarkum> They all pressed it!!

<Charitwo> you guys are messed up

* Pryo_Zarkum is messed up

<Spirit-of-HALO> Whats that supposed to mean?

<Delta-269> moar quoting

<Pryo_Zarkum> I would just like to say that is my 7th ownage of this chat

<Pryo_Zarkum> lmao

<Grievous797> XD

<KRYPTONSPARTAN> I'm cheesing my f**king brains out!!!

* Grievous797 is going to quote that too

Who Says Jokes Get old?

<Pryo_Zarkum> Have you pressed CTRL+W today?

<Delta-269> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> it inverts ur screen!

<Delta-269> I know!

<Grievous797> lawl

<Delta-269> its cool

<Pryo_Zarkum> ya

<BananaCat> CTRL+W?

<Pryo_Zarkum> ya

*** Halofan [n=4e95fb77@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #halopedia

<Halofan> hey

*** BananaCat [n=4f4e7a14@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]

<Pryo_Zarkum> ROFL

<Grievous797> OH MY GOD

<Pryo_Zarkum> AGAIN!

<Halofan> what?

<Delta-269> XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

<Grievous797> QUOTING

<AdmiralTH> lmao, did BC just try it????

<Delta-269> INDEED

<Grievous797> xD

<Pryo_Zarkum> Halofan: press control+w

<AdmiralTH> XD

*** Halofan [n=4e95fb77@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Client Quit]

<Pryo_Zarkum> ROFL

<Grievous797> OH MY LAWD

<Pryo_Zarkum> AGAIN

<AdmiralTH> Lmao

<Pryo_Zarkum> im gonna get banned for this one day

Anger Managment

(Arguements earlier)

<CovieKiller> I don't want to go into Ultimate Rage but I will go into it soon.

<CovieKiller> At least now I can calm down.

*Ghost_Sangheil is and always was calm

<CovieKiller> However, I am still volatile, so watch it a little while.

<Ghost_Sangheil> *poke*

<CovieKiller> INFINITE RAGE!

<CovieKiller> BattlePod: CovieKiller power level over one billion Gs

<Ghost_Sangheil> ROFL!

<CovieKiller> NOW YOU DIE!!!!

*CovieKiller instantly annihilates Ghost_Sangheili

*Ghost_Sangheil is alive

<CovieKiller> AGHH!

*<Ghost_Sangheil> *poke*



Splel, i Kahn nót

<G797|Halo> Legendary on "Gravemind" was insane

<Pryo_Zarkum> get out that carbine, empty a clip, and hope you get a lucky headshit

<G797|Halo> Once they beserked, you were DEAD

<G797|Halo> headshit?

<Pryo_Zarkum> oops...

<Pryo_Zarkum> xD

<G797|Halo> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> Why are the u, i, and o so close together!?


<Stigma-231> Some idiot is putting the ratings template on everything, and i mean everything.

<Delta-269> point whore

<Pryo_Zarkum> Ratings template is supposed to go on every Mainspace article

<Stigma-231> I know, he put it on a Help page

<Pryo_Zarkum> time to rollback the bungling noobs!

<Stigma-231> [[-link name-]]

<unlinky> -link-

<Pryo_Zarkum> Time to use rollback powah!

<Pryo_Zarkum> Done

<Pryo_Zarkum> ROFLpryo go rollback rollback rollback rollback rollback rollback


<Delta-269> ...

<Stigma-231> That was... fail...

<Pryo_Zarkum> yea... i know

<Stigma-231> Just making sure you know that not all you're jokes are funny

<Pryo_Zarkum> They aren't!?


<Pryo_Zarkum> (that was a joke)

<Delta-269> failjoke go fail fail fail fail fail fail

<Stigma-231> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> XD

Wishful Thinking

<Pryo_Zarkum> BAM!

<Krypton_Spartan> No BAM for you

<Delta-269> BAM

<Krypton_Spartan> Triple BAM

<Delta-269> BAM

<Delta-269> BAM

<Krypton_Spartan> BAMtacular

<Pryo_Zarkum> XD

<Grievous797> ...

* Delta-269 smacks Krypton_Spartan

<Pryo_Zarkum> BAMtrocity

<Pryo_Zarkum> BAMimanjaro

<Krypton_Spartan> BAMapolcalyps

* Delta-269 has kicked Krypton_Spartan from #halopedia (Excess "BAM")

<Pryo_Zarkum> XD

* Delta-269 has kicked Pryo_Zarkum from #halopedia (Excess "BAM")

<Krypton_Spartan> YOU fail

<Pryo_Zarkum> NO U!

<Krypton_Spartan> Dont make me BAM you

* Grievous797 has kicked Everyone from #halopedia (*FACEPALM*)

* Delta-269 has kicked Krypton_Spartan from #halopedia (Excess "BAM")

<Grievous797> An example of a kick message if I become an OP :P

<Delta-269> rofl

<Krypton_Spartan> XD

* Pryo_Zarkum has smited Delta-269 from reality (FACEDESK)

* Delta-269 has kicked Pryo_Zarkum from #halopedia (NO U)

<Grievous797> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> XD

<Delta-269> YAY! no more reality!

* Grievous797 has banned Everyone from #life (*FACEPALM*)

<Grievous797> pwnt

Knowledge is power, and Johnson likes power

<Sgt_johnson> Trivia Question: When does Halo fail?!

<Pryo_Zarkum> Halo owns

<SPARTAN-077> 0

<Stigma-231> None, except on January 41st!

<Sgt_johnson> Wrong!

<Sgt_johnson> It fails epically, every day!

<SPARTAN-077> Then why are you on #halopedia?

<Stigma-231> He still knows what the ladies like.

Wall_Cat on: Bugs

<Wall_Cat> wasps are like badass bees

<Wall_Cat> Wasps are so badass, they will sting you, and then they will sting you AGAIN because they are THAT badass

In Case You Were Wondering...

<ONIrecon111> ''i can haz burger?'' '' u can't haz burger but u can haz recon.'' ''No, i'd rather haz burger''



Blemo Passes His Bubble Test

<Krypton> Your mom is to....

<ZukaRasami> ...

<Blemo> ...cow

<Blemo> your sister is to mule

Stigma-231 Can Haz Fail

* Pryo_Zarkum had a good dinner comprising of corn, steak, a hotdog, and a cheesburger

<Pryo_Zarkum> oh and some ice cream

<Pryo_Zarkum> uh sitggy... do humans asplode???

<Stigma-231> Sp,eto,es/

<Stigma-231> ...

<Stigma-231> ?!

<Stigma-231> Sometimes*

<Pryo_Zarkum> wtf!?

<Pryo_Zarkum> rofl

Not Fair

<Ajax_013> so you make hacks for people to use basically?

<Mateo> The world is not fair

<HaloDude> Who actually cares about the hacks?

<Mateo> Yes, I do

<Mateo> A lot of customers

<HaloDude> Mateo: I mean in here

<Mateo> I get a lot of Pms everyday about people begging for it

<HaloDude> Yes, but are any in *HERE*

<Mateo> It's funny to watch your reactions

*** mode/#halopedia [+o Ajax_013] by ChanServ

*** Mateo was kicked from #Halopedia by Ajax_013 [hacks aren't fair, the world isn't fair, I'm not fair :D]

Oh mah lawd!

*** Ahax_Not_Sober [n=56a23661@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]

<Dr-Acula> Ajax passed out

So many questions...

<Spirit-of-HALO> Why is your name backwards?

<mukraZ_oyrP> S-o-H: Idk you tell me.

<Spirit-of-HALO> I'm not you, tell me.

<mukraZ_oyrP> But then why am I me and not you?

<Spirit-of-HALO> Its the way it is.

<mukraZ_oyrP> What is it, and what way is it?

<Spirit-of-HALO> That you is you and me is me, cause me as you and you as me is, lets see, not how it goes.

<mukraZ_oyrP> But why does it go as you and not me? That is me indeed, but is it you?

<Spirit-of-HALO> Is it?

<mukraZ_oyrP> It is, simply becuase. It is me, and not you becuase you are not me and thus the way it is.

<mukraZ_oyrP> See! Pronouns are fun!

***mukraZ_oyrP is now known as Pryo_Zarkum

<Spirit-of-HALO> O boy!

<Pryo_Zarkum> I think that that it is she is but him, and whomever it is shall become it.

<Spirit-of-HALO> oh c mon! this was a fun game!

<Pryo_Zarkum> That's what she said

<Pryo_Zarkum> I RUINED IT

<Pryo_Zarkum> xD

<Spirit-of-HALO> Woot Woot...............


<CommanderTony> You know how you can automatically target a body part in Fallout 3?

<CommanderTony> Guess where i'm always going to aim?

<Pryo_Zarkum> You would.

<CommanderTony> Yes...the part that makes you less of a man.


*KAC believes Ajax is no longer the Ajax we knew...

<KAC> Wait... are you going through Puberty?

Pecking order

<JWR|Privateer>He's talking about a Halo game...

<Pryo_Zarkum> oh

<Pryo_Zarkum> xD

<JWR|Privateer> Because 4 versus 1 is real fair...

<JWR|Privateer> Besides, Ajax = Spiritwolf in terms of epicness.

<JWR|Privateer>I win, but barely, against one of them.

<JWR|Privateer> Add anyone, even Delta or Pryo, and I phail against them.

*** Ajax_013 joined #halopedia

<JWR|Privateer> So, JWR > Ajax, but Ajax + anyone else > JWR

<Pryo_Zarkum> O.o

<Delta-269> XD

<Pryo_Zarkum> Speak of the devil

<Delta-269> great timing, JWR

<JWR|Privateer> EPIC LULZ

*Ajax_013 smacks JWR for not knowing his station


*** Neo_Bahamut joined #halopedia i=4799c156@gateway/web/ajax/ (Mibbit)

--- ChanServ has banned *Bahamut*!*@*

*** Neo_Bahamut was kicked by ChanServ (User is banned from this channel)

<Ghost_sangheili> OWNED FUCKING OWNED

<Justineac> shoot

<unluckynumber11> XD

*** Volieth joined #halopedia i=4799c156@gateway/web/ajax/ (Mibbit)

+++ ChanServ has given op to Justineac

<Ghost_sangheili> Justineac: KILL KILL KILL

<Ghost_sangheili> Volieth: VERY SUBTLE

--- Justineac has banned *!*4799c156@gateway/*

*** Volieth was kicked by Justineac (kamehamehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Azzt and PinkServ` tag-team

<Ghost_sangheili> unluckynumber11: what Spanish level r u? Spanish 2? Spanish 3?

<unluckynumber11> im in year 3

<Ghost_sangheili> im in year 2

<Azzt|Dead> s/Spanish/Fail/

<PinkServ`> <Ghost_sangheili> unluckynumber11: what Fail level r u? Fail 2? Fail 3?

<Azzt|Dead> :)


<unluckynumber11> i want it to be about how fire leads to a new beginning, but i don't know how to word it D:

<Ghost_sangheili> Simple

<Ghost_sangheili> Insert Fire

<Ghost_sangheili> Fire destroyed old stuff

<Ghost_sangheili> old stuff all gone

<Ghost_sangheili> nothing to burn

<Ghost_sangheili> fire dies

<Ghost_sangheili> empty space

<Ghost_sangheili> new stuff fills in

<unluckynumber11> i would write that....

<unluckynumber11> if my paper was about delusional rantings :P

Vocabulary Win

*** Ghost_sangheili joined #Halopedia i=185d8e74@gateway/web/ajax/ (Mibbit)

<Nicmavr> Whai hullo ther!

<Nicmavr> :P

<Ghost_sangheili> Whut av ah tawld joo abowt chalenjin ur masturz

<Nicmavr> Ai shul wiin!

<Nicmavr> I izbettahh den u!

<Ghost_sangheili> notrly

<Nicmavr> No wai!, it'z da battil o miusspelingz!

<Nicmavr> I iz bettah dan GS!

<Justineac> Nobody has no idea what you're trying to say without decyfering a code

<Justineac> oh wow I knew what decyfering meant

<Justineac> :D

Evil kitteh >.<

*** Nicmavr joined #Halopedia n=chatzill@

*** Copy-Cat joined #Halopedia n=Sub7ank@unaffiliated/subtank

<Nicmavr> Hello Copy-Cat. Don't copy us tis time! :D

<Copy-Cat> Hello Nicmavr. Don't copy us tis time! :D


*** Fruit_Beeftain is now known as CommanderTony

<CommanderTony> Alright, I r dune with nik khainjizzs.

<a_tree> also, apparently, proper spelling


<Starnes2> IP [[User:]] Large removal [[John-117]] (-5278) Diff:"/* Biography */ "

<Starnes2> User [[User:Ghost sangheili]] Possible gibberish? [[John-117]] (+5278) Diff: "Reverted edits by [[Special:Contributions/|]] ([[User talk:|Talk]]) to last version by [[Special:Contributions/Nicmavr|Nicmavr]]"

<Ghost_sangheili> oh shutup

Ghosting Spree

Note: I had recently grouped the nick "TheRealSlimShady"

***Ghost_sangheili <n=katahdin@> has joined #halopedia

<CommanderTony> Rawr

<Ghost_sangheili> Why is everyone roaring at me?

<CommanderTony> Because we don't like your kind 'round here.

***TheRealSlimShady ( has joined #halopedia

<Ghost_sangheili> CommanderTony: I'm white, I'm male, I'm Christian. Everyone loves me.

*** TheRealSlimShady has left freenode (Nick collision from services.)

<Ghost_sangheili> bitch please

<Ghost_sangheili> THATS MAH NICK

<Nicmavr> lol, that was frunner, if you feel like talking to him.

***TheRealSlimShady ( has joined #halopedia

**TheRealSlimShady has left freenode (Nick collision from services.)

<Ghost_sangheili> He's using my nick

<Ghost_sangheili> and i am unamused

<Nicmavr> GS, are you ghosting him?

***TheRealSlimShady ( has joined #halopedia

<TheRealSlimShady> when referring to the area around a city, rather than the city itself, you say "City of ***"... what about places with City in their name already? Do you say "City of New York City" to refer to the Settlements in the area?

***TheRealSlimShady has left freenode (Nick collision from services.)

<Ghost_sangheili> go away

<Ghost_sangheili> Nicmavr: yes, yes I am

***TheRealSlimShady ( has joined #halopedia

<Nicmavr> change your nick

<Ghost_sangheili> TheRealSlimShady: STOP USING MY NICK

***TheRealSlimShady has left freenode (Nick collision from services.)

<Nicmavr> lololololol

<Ghost_sangheili> this is going on my quote page

<Ghost_sangheili> if/when it ends

***TheRealSlimShady ( has joined #halopedia

<Nicmavr> yeah!

<TheRealSlimShady> DAMN YOU GHOST!!!!! (How ironic :p) Let me /nick first

***TheRealSlimShady has left freenode (Nick collision from services.)

<Nicmavr> XD

<Nicmavr> oh mah lawd

<Nicmavr> again!

<Ghost_sangheili> he got a phrase out

<Ghost_sangheili> lulz

<Nicmavr> XD

<Ghost_sangheili> I'm waiting

<Ghost_sangheili> I think I'm on a killing spree

<Nicmavr> ya, you got 5 so far

<Ghost_sangheili> hell yea

<Nicmavr> :P

***TheRealSlimShady ( has joined #halopedia

***Mode #halopedia +o CommanderTony by ChanServ

***TheRealSlimShady was booted from #halopedia by CommanderTony (CommanderTony) *NickServ* TheRealSlimShady has been ghosted.

<Ghost_sangheili> STOPIT

<Ghost_sangheili> wow

<CommanderTony> no u

<Nicmavr> He ended your spree.

<Ghost_sangheili> CommanderTony: you kicked him then i disconnected him

<CommanderTony> Cool.

<Ghost_sangheili> Nicmavr: no i got the assist

***Mode #halopedia -o CommanderTony by CommanderTony

<CommanderTony> Nicmavr, ban who's using the nick if they come back on.

<Ghost_sangheili> dont ban the nick

<CommanderTony> Obviously...

***FU_GS ( has joined #halopedia

<Ghost_sangheili> I got a six kill streak ^_^

<FU_GS> Did anyone recieve my message when logging in?

<Ghost_sangheili> yup

<CommanderTony> Nicmavr, do it.

<FU_GS> GS wont let me /nick when offline!!!'s doing that thing where I am logged into #Halopedia but nothing is there

***FU_GS is now known as Frunner

The Legacy of ODSTSuperSpartan

Borrowed from SPARTAN-984's quote page.

*** OSTDSuperSpartan has joined #halopedia

<Golf_Sierra> ashley: EPIC LULZ

<ashley> i noes rite

*** OSTDSuperSpartan is now known as OTSDSuperSpartan

<CommanderTony> Your doing it wrong.

<T-984> It's ODST, not OSTD

<T-984> Super Spartan? Bah.

<OTSDSuperSpartan> Hey. I'd liek to be mad e admin cause i was a beta tester for halo3

<Golf_Sierra> thats nice

*** OTSDSuperSpartan is now known as ODSTSuperSpartan

<T-984> ODSTSuperSpartan: Erm.

<T-984> Yeah.

<Golf_Sierra> T-984: LET ME HANDLE

<ODSTSuperSpartan> Its true.

<Golf_Sierra> ?:|

<T-984> I'm no admin, but I don't think that you'll be an admin just because you were an H3 beta tester

<Golf_Sierra> T-984: no no no he can

<CommanderTony> ODSTSuperSpartan, yeah sure, i'll get right on that.

<T-984> ODST: Wait, I actually was reading the rules wrong <

<ODSTSuperSpartan> and if u dont make me an admin I'll ban yo all from halo forever

<Golf_Sierra> ODSTSuperSpartan: hold on we'll get to work on this

<CommanderTony> HAHA, this guy is adorable.

<Golf_Sierra> but first you must pass our super serious admin quiz

<Golf_Sierra> What does ODST stand for

<T-984> Look at the cutey making threats!

<ODSTSuperSpartan> Fuck you Im not a fucking cutey, dips

<Golf_Sierra> ODSTSuperSpartan: hey dont fucking curse

<S-118> Yeah!

<ODSTSuperSpartan> fuck you.

<ashley> no u

<Golf_Sierra> you want to fuck me?

<ODSTSuperSpartan> make me a fucking admin

<Golf_Sierra> you like fucking men

<Golf_Sierra> we dont have gay admins

<Golf_Sierra> you sick fuck

<CommanderTony> ODSTSuperSpartan, i'll make you an admin in bed.

<Golf_Sierra> and dont fucking swear

*** Glaug-Eldare is now known as ODSTSuperSaiyan

<ODSTSuperSaiyan> kamnehamahea

<Killjax> Woah, I'm missing the fun part, what happened? <


*** CommanderTony is now known as ODSTSuperCutie


<Golf_Sierra> XD

<S-118> lol

*** Golf_Sierra is now known as ODSTSuperRetarde

<ODSTSuperSpartan> You guys are all ass holes

*** T-984 is now known as ODSTSuperStoopid

<ashley> no u

<ODSTSuperStoopid> we aren't assholes

*** S-118 is now known as ODSTSuperPOWAH

<ODSTSuperRetarde> ODSTSuperSpartan: If you want admin just press ALT+F4



<ODSTSuperSaiyan> ODSTSuperSpartan you're a silly billy





<ashley> cursing is fucking srz biz


<ODSTSuperCutie> ODSTSuperSpartan, you can give yourself admin rights by going: /part +admin


<ODSTSuperStoopid> ODSTSuperSpartan: I haz your Fail-O-Meter rating

<ODSTSuperSpartan> FUCCK YOU

<Ajax_013> lets be series gentlemen

*** Ajax_013 is now known as Super_Admin

<ODSTSuperSaiyan> you don't run up in some chan and be all 'i want to be an admin because of something i can't verify that has nothing to do with your site' if you can't even spell it correctly

<ODSTSuperRetarde> ODSTSuperSpartan: you wanna fuck me? Thats what you want

<Super_Admin> I'll give you admin powers that you deserve right now

*** ODSTSuperPOWAH is now known as S-118

<ODSTSuperRetarde> ODSTSuperSpartan: You cant make up some other comeback besides fuck you

<ODSTSuperRetarde> your autastic

*** ODSTSuperSaiyan is now known as Glaug-Eldare

<ODSTSuperRetarde> you have no friends

<ODSTSuperRetarde> you are unloved

<ODSTSuperRetarde> and you never will be

<ODSTSuperRetarde> you will die alone

<Killjax> XD

<ODSTSuperRetarde> and nobody will love you


<ashley> no u


*** ChanServ sets mode +o on Super_Admin

* ODSTSuperStoopid holds up his Fail-O-Meter to ODSTSuperSpartan, which promptly a splodes

<Super_Admin> open up and get some admin powahs

<ODSTSuperRetarde> ODSTSuperSpartan: you speak but all i hear is the sound of dick sucking

*** ODSTSuperCutie is now known as CommanderTony

<ODSTSuperStoopid> lolshenanigans

<ODSTSuperStoopid> i don't think ODSTSuperSpartan is a man either


<ODSTSuperRetarde> OH

<Super_Admin> *you

<ODSTSuperRetarde> YO GUYS

<ODSTSuperStoopid> you want to screw all us guys?


<ODSTSuperStoopid> EWWWWW




<S-118> Ohwait, you do that anyway


<Super_Admin> ODSTSuperSpartan, be sure to say that when your balls drop

<Glaug-Eldare> ODSTSuperSpartan why are you still here

<ODSTSuperStoopid> SuperSpartan: Your manliness is equal to the beauty of goatse



<Super_Admin> Unfourtanetly for you, while you were wasting your life getting a imaginary rank

<Super_Admin> i joined the military, become a corporal and got a gun

After more of us rambling and him taking forever to come up with a generic and crappy retort, he was kickbanned. He private-messaged me asking (don't have the logs) "Why are you such an ass?" to which I responded by providing him links to highly offensive shock sites. At the end of it all, I pointed out to everyone that

<Golf_Sierra> we broke EVERY SINGLE RULE

And SPARTAN-984 did quote it.


*Snipes450 drops a bus on Nicmavr

*Skwisgaar starts raping the bus


<Nicmavr> true

<ashley> and nowadays you can't block wikia staff members

<Skwisgaar> I was about to say ashley....

<charitwo> yeah, you get told to gtfo

<SPARTAN-984> ashley: lolIPexempt

<Ghost_sangheili> omfgzod its a charitwo

* Ghost_sangheili pokes charitwo

* Ghost_sangheili hides

* Ghost_sangheili pokes his head out

<charitwo> what are you some kind of retarded turtle

Number Crunch

<Blade-_-bane> Ghost_sangheili: according to my calculations, Gaijinsamurai's penis is 101 inches long.

<Blade-_-bane> Win