Unidentified Jiralhanae chieftain (Heian)

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Unidentified Jiralhanae chieftain (Heian)
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Between 2540 and 2551[1]





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Political and military information


Covenant Empire




This unidentified Chieftain was a Jiralhanae who led Covenant military forces on Heian, a planet located along a significant Covenant supply route.[2]


One night, the Chieftain patrolled a field on Heian, overseeing several Unggoy. He briefly took notice of a meteor shower, but felt that nothing was amiss. Hidden among the meteorites were a team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and a SPARTAN, Cal-141. The following morning, he ambushed one of the ODSTs, O'Brien from behind, but was stopped by the SPARTAN. In the ensuing battle, the Chieftain lost his right eye and was pushed off a large waterfall. Later, the Chieftain found the humans while they were preparing for the assassination of a Prophet in charge of the Covenant's logistics in the area. He again attempted to strike O'Brien from behind, though Cal-141 pushed the ODST out of the way, receiving a blow to her head. The Chieftain, after mortally wounding the SPARTAN, was tackled by O'Brien, Cortez, and Dutch. As soon as the ODSTs had pushed the Chieftain to the ground, Dutch fired his M7S submachine gun into the Jiralhanae's face, killing the Chieftain.


This Chieftain wore armor similar to that worn by the Jiralhanae Army Commander from Halo Wars.

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  1. ^ Dutch, who participated in the mission, enlisted in 2540. During the mission, Cal-141 wore Mark IV MJOLNIR armor, which was replaced by the Mark V in November 2551.
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