Super jumping

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Super jumping is the use of tricks or exploiting of glitches to help a player achieve a greater height when jumping. There are various kinds of super jumps.

Super bouncing[edit]

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Super bouncing is a Halo 2 glitch used to reach higher places by crouching into some areas and jumping into places, resulting in a sudden launch into the air.

Partner Bouncing[edit]

There are two ways to Partner Jump. One method is to jump on top of another player, and have that player jump, and then jump as the player beneath you reaches the peak of their jump. The second method is to jump on top of another player, jump, and then have the player below you jump; the result is that the bottom player touches the player on top, and by landing on a certain point, the top player will be sent flying similarly to Super bouncing.

Plasma, Frag, Rocket (aka. PFR)[edit]

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PFR is a Halo: Combat Evolved trick in which you man a Warthog turret, and throw a Anskum-pattern plasma grenade, a Frag Grenade, and shoot a rocket into the front of the Warthog, launching yourself far into the air.

Enemy Jumping[edit]

In Halo: Combat Evolved, charge at a Hunter and jump as it attempts to melee you. You will be sent flying in the direction that you jumped. Occasionally, a Flood Combat Form can be used to produce the same effect. A similar jump is possible in Halo 3 by jumping to evade a Brute Chieftain's Gravity Hammer or by intentionally swinging a Gravity Hammer near (but not on) a Co-op partner, it is called 'surfing' and is popular in Grifball.

Ghost Jump[edit]

This jump can be done in any level that ghosts appear in. In Halo 2, make sure you put the Sputnik Skull on and load up a level. Once you have a ghost, Make sure there are no enemies whatsoever around. Throw a plasma grenade and enter the ghost. You may or may not die, but either way you should be sent flying a massive distance, perhaps even breaking through invisible walls and out of bounds areas.