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Square Enix/Halo: Reach Volume 1

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The Square Enix Halo: Reach Volume 1 was produced by Play Arts Kai, a subsidiary of Square Enix.[1] This set features three characters from Noble Team in Halo: Reach; SPARTAN-B312, Jun-A266, and Emile-A239.[2] The figures have around 20 points of articulation and are highly detailed.

The figures were released in January 2011.[3]

Volume 1[edit]

Noble Six[edit]

The Noble Six figure is made in its default armor, with Mark V [B] helmet with UA attachment and FJ/PARA knee guards. It features an MA37 assault rifle, fragmentation grenade, additional hands for extra posing options, and a combat knife.


The Emile-A239 figure includes an M45 Tactical Shotgun, a fragmentation grenade, additional hands, and Emile's trademark kukri knife. The knife fits in a sheath on the figure.


The Jun-A266 figure is equipped with a sniper rifle, a fragmentation grenade, extra hands, and a combat knife.