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Square Enix/Halo 4 Series 1

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The Square Enix Halo 4 Series 1 is a series of action figures produced by Play Arts Kai, a subsidiary of Square Enix. It was released in February 2013.[1]

Series 1[edit]

Master Chief[edit]

The Master Chief figure is John-117 clad in his upgraded MJOLNIR Mark VI armor. It comes with an MA5D Assault Rifle, a Plasma Pistol and two additional hands.[2]

Spartan Warrior (Blue)[edit]

The Spartan Warrior figure is a Spartan-IV wearing a blue-colored MJOLNIR GEN2 Warrior armor. It comes with a Battle Rifle, an M6H Magnum, two additional hands and a Play Arts Kai display stand.[3]