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"The spy gnats are functional. Quite functional, to be honest. Ash-G099 must have landed one on Chur'R-Sarch herself. We're catching every hiss."
Anki Hersh to Frederic-104.[1]

Spy gnats, alternatively referred to as spy midges, are miniature microphones that are used for covert surveillance.[1][2]


Intelligence data gathered by multiple spy gnats may be collected at a central transmitter to then be relayed elsewhere. Microbursts of data from gnats can be sent at random intervals.[1] Gnats are unable to transmit information from realspace to a receiver in slipspace.[3]

History of use[edit]

In December of 2553, the Spartan-III super-soldier Ash-G099 used spy gnats to bug the Mudoat starsloop, Stolen Faith.[1] He and the rest of his Ferret were undercover aboard the Kig-Yar-crewed vessel as part of Operation: RETRIBUTION at the time.[1] The gnats he placed relayed audio data to the Sahara-class heavy prowler UNSC Silent Joe, where it was downloaded by signals intelligence personnel.[2]

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