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A speedrun is an attempt by players to finish any campaign level as fast as possible. This is done by having good understanding of the game's gameplay mechanics and exploiting these mechanics. Common methods in a Halo speedrun is by using explosive jumping technique, careful selection of weapons and bypassing as many engagements as possible, sometimes getting outside the map to do so. Allies may also be killed to skip dialogue. Halo speedruns are typically run on either Easy or Legendary, with each difficulty being a separate category. A subcategory under Legendary, L.A.S.O. (Legendary All Skulls On) requires the runner to activate all skulls while playing on Legendary. L.A.S.O. typically requires different routing from that of a no skulls Legendary run.

Due to performance limitations between a controller and mouse and keyboard (MKB), runners may prefer running on PC through Halo: The Master Chief Collection if possible.


  • "Full Game" or "Marathon" refers to playing the entire campaign in one sitting.
  • "IL" stands for "Individual level", and typically grinded for a better time in preparedness for a marathon run.
  • Segmented runs are multiple speedruns that are edited to where only the best clips are shown. A segmented run is the quickest theoretical time.
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Halo: Combat Evolved[edit]

Legendary Record as of April 2019


  1. During the initial fight around the Forerunner spire, killing all the Marines despawns the fourth dropship.
  2. In the Forerunner cave, by jumping out of your Warthog before the wall on the right side before the bridge, the cutscene of the lightbridge appearing is skipped.
  3. On Legendary, most of the Marines in two of the three final areas are killed by the player from afar, leaving the other Marines to die by the Covenant.

Truth and Reconciliation[edit]

  1. By performing a triple grenade jump, the player can skip a portion of the hanger fight. Subsequently, this also skips a trigger allowing the level to end early.

The Silent Cartographer[edit]

  1. After landing, walk in the opposite direction of the Covenant forces towards the entrance to the Security Checkpoint. Grab the Warthog and continue to the Cartographer.
  2. By driving the Warthog into the Cartographer facility and "flinging" your Warthog and exiting, it is possible to fly through the door as the Elite closes it, negating the need to go to the Security facility (make sure to kill the Elite after you're through).
  3. By jumping while going into the Map cutscene, the scene can be skipped.
  4. Another grenade jump can be done to skip going back up most of the levels.

Assault on the Control Room[edit]

There are two variations to skip the level:

  • Drop down onto the cliff below the first bridge and precariously drop from cliff to cliff until you can safely drop down.
  • Lure a Banshee over to the entrance to the first bridge and force the occupant out. Enter the Banshee and continue.

Note: After performing this trick, NO checkpoints will be given (i.e. if you die, you go back to the bridge).

The Library[edit]

By using a trick called "flood bumping", it is possible to skip many of the doors that normally would require waiting for up to 90 seconds.

Two Betrayals[edit]

Through a bit of wiggling, it is possible to get a Ghost or Banshee past the destroyed door.

  • If continuing in a vehicle, certain triggers must be activated in order to complete the level.


Using another flood bump, most of the level, including not having to go down onto the surface and back up, is skipped.

The Maw[edit]

During the later part of the final Warthog run where Cortana notifies the Chief of a gap ahead, it is actually safer to do a 360, as going straight down can force you out of the vehicle and possibly killing you.

Halo 2[edit]

A major trick, known as sword flying, depends on the original Halo 2 version 1.0 and the game running at 30fps. Therefore, Halo 2 Anniversary is considered a different category.


By using a grenade jump, the player can reach out of bounds and walk on the roofs on many buildings, skipping the first part of the level.

Gravemind (level)[edit]

By exploiting the Permanent invisibility glitch, the level is a lot easier to traverse.


You can end the level early by jumping out of bounds and navigating to a certain point.

Halo 3[edit]

Legendary Record as of April 2019

Halo 3: ODST[edit]

Legendary Record as of April 2019

Halo Reach[edit]

Legendary Record as of April 2019

Halo 4[edit]

Legendary Deathless Record as of Dec 2018

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Legendary Record as of April 2019

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