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This article is about a particular gait. For the process of working outside a spacecraft, see Extra-vehicular activity

Space walk is a colloquial name used by UNSC crewmen to refer to a temporary condition that occurs to humans that spend too much time in microgravity. It is likely that their legs become unaccustomed to holding their body weight due to muscle mass lost during extended periods of free floating caused by zero gravity. As a result, when they return to an atmosphere with stable gravity, they have a strange lope to their walk for some time.[1] Space walk can also lead to temporary paralysis from the waist down.[2]

People known to have suffered from space walk at some point in their lives include Michael Stanforth, when he briefed the SPARTAN-IIs on the Covenant threat on November 2, 2525;[1] Captain Aaron Gibson, when attending a top-secret meeting aboard the UNSC Point of No Return on October 24, 2531,[3] as well as Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091 when they accompanied Kurt-051 in the augmentation procedures of Gamma Company on the UNSC Hopeful on February 19, 2551.[4]

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