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This article contains information about a fan-made subject that is not considered a part of the official Halo universe.
The current logo for SotP.

Sins of the Prophets (SotP) is a fan-made total conversion mod created for the 4X real-time strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire, most prominently its Rebellion expansion. Developed by Chokepoint Games,[1] SotP combines space battles that involve dozens if not hundreds of ships with the fast-paced action seen in the official games. Set during the late Human-Covenant War, players are able to play as either the UNSC or the Covenant, with an asymmetrical balance to ensure that neither faction plays the same way.


SotP was originally founded at some point in 2008.[2] They released their first beta for the Entrenchment expansion on Jan 17th, 2013, which consisted of only the UNSC faction[3]. On July 22, 2014, they released a second beta ported over to the newer Rebellion expansion, which added the Covenant Empire as a playable faction.[4]

In a Canon Fodder post from 2016, Jeff Easterling published an interview with Slugfest Studios in regards to their mod.[5]

The upcoming 2022 reference book Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition) will feature some imagery created by the Sins of the Prophets team, including their rendition of the ORS-class heavy cruiser.[6]

Chokepoint Games[edit]

In December 28, 2019, Slugfest Studios announced that it had merged with two other modding teams - Broken Line Studios and 363 Productions - to create Chokepoint Games. This decision was made because all three teams were sharing resources and personnel, as well as to avoid potential legal issues. They also announced the development of a new mod for Arma 3, which was later revealed to be Far Isle.[1]



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