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The Chase and the Hunt

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This article contains information about a fan-made subject that is not considered a part of the official Halo universe.
The Chase and the Hunt

Directed by:

Russo Schelling

Produced by:

Janina Gavankar

Written by:

Russo Schelling

Music by:



Janina Gavankar

Release date(s):

October 26, 2015

Running time:

1 minute and two seconds

Available in:



The Chase and the Hunt is a fan-made trailer for the second season of Hunt the Truth.[1] It was written and directed by Russo Schelling and produced by Janina Gavankar, the voice of Maya Sankar/FERO in the online audio drama series. The short depicts her in character as FERO, and was released on October 26, 2015, as an unofficial promotion for the season finale episode.


Open on black. A single blue light flashes.

  • Maya Sankar: (narration) There's a difference between the chase and the hunt.

Slow zoom on a woman, fading into view. She's seated, and her head is slumped.

  • Maya Sankar: (narration) The chase is going after something, and not knowing the outcome. But the hunt...

Maya Sankar opens her eyes. She's wearing a sleeveless vest and hood, the uniform of a rebel soldier.

  • Maya Sankar: (narration) The hunt has an end.

Maya pulls off her hood and opens her vest. Her clothes are dirty and blood covers her right arm. Locks of hair drape over the left side of her face, and the rest is pulled back with a bandana that has a name scrawled on the side: "FERO".

  • Maya Sankar: (narration) I'm not, um... Now is not a good time for an existential crisis.

Maya looks at the camera and breathes in deeply.

  • Maya Sankar: (narration) Everybody knows the big guy, what he did. But what I'm about to do...

Maya looks ahead with a glare, but her confidence fades, and she looks around worriedly. A small pin on her vest flashes blue.[2]

  • Maya Sankar: (narration) I don't want them to remember me.

Maya is hit by glass from off-frame. She falls aside. Cut to black.

  • Maya Sankar: (narration) They just need to know the truth.

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