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Simon Kensington was an actor hired by the Office of Naval Intelligence. In 2558, he posed as the deceased teacher Deon Govender to feed Benjamin Giraud false information about the Master Chief.


In 2558, reporter Benjamin Giraud was hired by the Office of Naval Intelligence to write a story on John-117. ONI hired Kensington to impersonate a dead teacher from Elysium City named Deon Govender.[1] Posing as Govender, Kensington claimed to have taught at Elysium City Primary Education Facility Number 119 during the future Master Chief's childhood. His first anecdote accurately relayed the story of John's dominance in games of King of the Hill.

From here however, the stories Kensington told diverged into fiction. He told a story of a twelve-year-old John showing up to a high school boxing league and easily defeating the older boys. A year later, John and his parents were kidnapped by Insurrectionists. According to "Govender", rising above this traumatic experience was instrumental in forging John into the man he would become.[1]

While digging through old records scavenged from Elysium City, Giraud found an old census registry which listed John (actually his flash clone) deceased at the age of six in 2517. Then, before publishing the first episode of Hunt the Truth, Giraud allowed Ellie Bloom, a former resident of Elysium City, to listen to a rough cut of the episode. Bloom challenged the interviewee's version of events, calling him a liar. According to Bloom, there was never a boxing club at any high school in Elysium City, because youth boxing had been banned planet-wide for decades.[2]

These inconsistencies left Giraud deeply confused and conflicted. In order to confirm his theories, Giraud asked his friend Ray Kurzig to look into Govender. Kurzig confirmed that Govender had been a real person, but that he had died seven years prior.[3] Various commenters on Giraud's audio blog even claimed to have met the false "Govender", who was supposedly once a homeless drunk.

After receiving coordinates from Petra Janecek, Giraud went to Bliss, where he found an active ONI communications relay station and discovered who "Govender" really was.[4]

Production note[edit]

Kensington is portrayed by American actor Phil LaMarr. LaMarr also voices Thomas Wu and Ray Kurzig in Hunt the Truth.[5]

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