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Note that some of these quotes made by Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds are sometimes made by Gunnery Sergeant Stacker.


Sierra 117[edit]

  • "Roger that. Reynolds out." - By COM, to Avery Johnson ordering the Bravo Team to fall back to the extraction point.
  • "Johnson, you be advised. Hostiles are (static) ...On the move (static) ...I've got eyes on a (static) ...Brute Pack. Over." - To Avery Johnson
  • "" - To Brute Captain interrogating him.
  • "Brute Chieftain ... Phantom... pinned us down...killed my men." - After being saved by the First Squad from Brute Captain.

Crow's Nest[edit]

  • "Get those turrets up. You watch your fields of fire." - To a group of Marines in a cave inside Crow's Nest.
  • "Quiet. Cut the chatter." - To a pair of chatting Marines inside the cave area.
  • "Calm before the Storm, Marines. Enjoy it." - By him or by Stacker, Crow's Nest.
  • "Point of entry, best assessment!" - After a vigorous shake in the cave area he is stationed in.
  • "Agreed. Master Chief, get there." - After a Marine suggested the Hangar.
    • Co-op Change: "Agreed. Chief, Arbiter. Get there."
  • "Drones! A whole swarm! Take 'em down! Short, controlled bursts!" - Outside op-center, which Drones attempted to assault at.
  • "If I try to hook a timer, it might go off all by itself."- Said in front of the Improvised UNSC bomb, only if Sergeant Stacker is the Sergeant commanding the Marines in the cave area.
  • "You did the best you could, Sir. Let's get the survivors up to the hangar. There's an elevator just outside the barracks." - After being saved by the Master Chief, exclusive to co-op, as the Arbiter says this line in Campaign Solo.

Tsavo Highway[edit]

  • "What happened?" - After the SPARTAN-117 wakes up after the elevator fell.
  • "Settle down, Marines! Somebody hit the emergency power." - To the surviving Marines in the underground vehicle maintenance.
  • "If you can walk, set your boots on the line." - To the marines, after the emergency power is activated.
  • "Not sure. Can't reach the Commander. Too far underground. Let's mount up. Get the hell outta these caves." - When a Marine asked him about the situation.
  • "Chief's got the right idea, Lets mount up, get the hell out of these caves." - When the SPARTAN-117 got into a Warthog or opened the door leading outside the base.
  • "Second Squad! Coming through!" - Riding in the Warthog through the tunnel.
  • "Don't leave any of 'em standing." - To the Marines
  • "Conserve ammo. Run 'em over!" - Commanding marines in a Warthog.
  • "Chief, still can't get the Commander. COMs are a mess. Pelicans are scattered. Best thing now, get some distance between us and the base. Brutes are gonna be looking for survivors." - To the Chief after they got outside the cave.

The Storm[edit]

  • "Ready when you are, Chief. Open the door and take point. We’ll cover you with the .50." - To the Chief, outside a factory in Voi.


  • "All squads, report!" - After the Flood's arrival to Earth onboard a battlecruiser.
  • "Fall back, fall back!" - To the Marines, as the Chief and the Arbiter return to a warehouse in Voi.

The Covenant[edit]

  • "Go Go Go! Up the beach! Kill that Wraith!" - To his ODST team, as their Pelican lands on to the beach near the first Barrier tower. Last scripted line.

Gameplay Quotes[edit]

  • "So you finally decided to show your face! That is your face, right?" - When an enemy comes out from cover
  • "They remind me of Wookiees. You know, from Star Wars...? Nothing?! Ah forget it. It's for kids." - To SPARTAN-117.
  • "Stand up and be shot, stand down and be safe. That's all I'm saying."-When taking fire.
  • "Did they think this was a simulation?"-Said after killing a group of Covenant.
  • "Thats one way to conserve ammo..."-When running over Covenant.
  • "Wow!" - When throwing a grenade.
  • "Can I Get you something Chief?"
  • "Do You remember me? From New Mombasa?"
  • "I once killed a guy in a Tanzanian bar for staring at me this long. Turns out he was blind. Tragic, really." - If stared at long enough (IWHBYD skull probably needed)
  • "Don't let the damn turret fire ONE MORE ROUND!!!" - If being pinned down by a turret.