Official Secrets Act of 2550

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The Official Secrets Act of 2550 is a United Nations Space Command legislation that mandates the protection of confidential information. The act was passed on November 23, 2550.[1]

The Official Secrets Act of 2550 prohibits any unauthorized dissemination or distribution of any contents of any messenger satchel.[2] Failure to adhere to the mandated prohibition makes it an offence punishable with a summary execution by a UNSC authorized firing squad.[2] After Tom Muir was taken aboard the ONI prowler Port Stanley, Captain Serin Osman exaggeratedly told Muir that even breathing on such a vessel was a breach of the Official Secrets Act.[3]


In real life, Official Secrets Act is used as a common title for legislation involving the secrecy of information mainly related to national security in several countries.

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