UNSC Secrets Act of 2504

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"Because she is an ONI-employee non-native, Inspector Lopis' clearance is limited to Top Secret Level Three. Therefore, informing her of her award would violate the UNSC Secrets Act of 2504."
— From a report generated by Rear Admiral Serin Osman in 2554.[1]

The UNSC Secrets Act of 2504 is a law passed in 2504 regulating the protection of classified information pertaining to the United Nations Space Command.[1] It became law four years after the passage of a similar piece of legislation, the Official Secrets Act.[2] The Secrets Act of 2504 defines at least four levels of clearance (Levels 0-3) for viewing Top Secret information, with lower numbers indicating higher clearance. The highest level of clearance that may be granted to civilians working for the Office of Naval Intelligence is Level Three.[1]

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