Lima Foxtrot Alpha 43

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LFA-43 flees the Pillar of Autumn as it is attacked over Installation 04.

Lima Foxtrot Alpha 43, or LFA-43,[1] was an SKT-9 Bumblebee attached to the UNSC Halcyon-class cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn through Hatch 61 in 2552.[2]

Operational history[edit]

Landing on Halo.
John-117, the sole survivor of Lima Foxtrot Alpha 43, emerges from the wreckage as the Covenant descend upon Halo.

LFA-43 was used when the Pillar of Autumn was shot down over Installation 04. It carried John-117 and seven Marines down to the surface of the Installation. However, the air-brakes blew too early due to a malfunction and were sheared off. All of the Marines and the pilot were killed on impact due to massive blunt force trauma, but the Chief survived, due to the cushioning of his MJOLNIR armor gel layer.[1]

After the crash, the Covenant sent in a lance to investigate the crash site on a Spirit for any possible survivors. John-117 hid himself in the hills nearby and once the Spirit departed, he killed the entire strike team surrounding LFA-43. The Chief then moved on foot to search for other survivors.[3][1]


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