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The man, the myth, the legend. Screenshot of Jonas' face from Sadie's Story.
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October 2552

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~360 kilograms (800 lb)[1]


"I am not worth five people..."
— Jonas replying to Sadie's pleas for him to evacuate the city

Jonas was a civilian working as a butcher in Old Mombasa, Kenya in 2552. He was a very large man with an extremely calm and friendly disposition.[2]


During the Covenant invasion of Earth, Jonas calmly gave away his kebabs to the crowd escaping from the city from his butcher shop on Obote Avenue. He had decided to stay in the city, as he realistically had no way to escape; he was too heavy to walk long distances and would take too many seats on a bus, train or boat. He claimed that he could take up to five seats in public transport vehicles.[2]

In the panic created after the Solemn Penance arrived over the city, Jonas embedded his cleaver in an angry motorist's vehicle hood, and proceeded to use the newly-cut hood as a seat, arguing that the motorist's horn was frightening the nearby children.[2][3] Sadie Endesha tried to convince him to leave the city, but he insisted that Sadie escape first, to find her father. She vowed to return for him with a forklift, but was never given the opportunity.[4]

Following the battle's conclusion, food conneisseur Arturo Bustamante attempted to get in contact with Jonas to no avail, leaving it likely that Jonas did not survive the fighting. Instead, Bustamante recreated Jonas' kebabs and published their recipe in his own cookbook, though lamented his inability to get the originals direct from the source.[5]


  • The Superintendent uses Jonas' words to persuade Sadie to leave New Mombasa; instead of 'I am not worth five people...', 'And what about your life?', and 'My brave warrior princess, riding her fearless fork-lift! (laughs)', it is 'I am not worth -- your life -- my brave warrior princess!'
  • Jonas is voiced by Richard Zeman.[6]


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