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One of the gardens.

The Hanging Gardens were natural environment modules on the Covenant holy city High Charity.[1][2] The Hanging Gardens were suspended in mid-air between two towers along the inner rim of High Charity's dome, and were accessible by way of gravity bridges. Each consisted of a flowing artificial river, six platforms containing soil and plant life, and a series of ramps and walkways. They provided an excellent view of the Forerunner Dreadnought at the center of the city. Environmental modules known as Valleys of Tears were located nearby.[2]

It can be assumed that both gardens were destroyed when the Flood invaded High Charity, or if not, it is certain that they were destroyed along with High Charity during John-117's raid on High Charity.[3]

Known Hanging Gardens[edit]

Hanging Garden A[edit]

A Sangheili and a Jiralhanae face off in Hanging Garden A.

Hanging Garden A was located between the High Council Chamber and the Mid Tower.[1]

During the first hours of the Great Schism, both Sangheili-led and the Jiralhanae-led Covenant groups tried to take the gardens. Special Operations Sangheili and Unggoy dueled with Jiralhanae forces, including several Jiralhanae Honor Guardsmen for control of the garden. Later on, two Sangheili Rangers came to assist their allies. During his chase of the Prophet of Truth, John-117 slew all Covenant forces in the area.[2]

Hanging Garden B[edit]

Hanging Garden B was situated between the Mid Tower and the Far Tower.[1]

During the opening stages of the Great Schism, the Sangheili-led Covenant tried to attack the garden, but were repelled by the Jiralhanae. All Sangheili were slaughtered in the heated combat. John-117 arrived just in time to see two berserking Jiralhanae massacring the retreating Unggoy. The Chief and accompanying Marines slew them all during their pursuit to the Prophet of Truth.[2]

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