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This is the Sangheili conlang dialogue from Season 2 of the Halo television show that was created by Carl Buck and David J. Peterson. In the second season, the Sangheili language was spoken in 7 out of 8 episodes. The dialogue featured below is presented here exactly as it was spoken within the show.

Sangheili's co-creator, David J. Peterson, also provides transcripts and translations on his language wiki, as well as in a series of posts on Archive of Our Own, accessible here. Readers may also consult David Peterson's audio recordings here.

Season 2 Sangheili Dialogue[edit]

Episode 202: Sword
Makee Juutkhaadola. Enough.
Arbiter Ne ch'anghutkho oq'eya. There's no honor in this fight.
Makee K'ondi. Tkhet'a ga. Door. Please.
Episode 203: Visegrád

Jan o hirat'u mech'injo, Riich'e ni domo ghu.

Ine iik'ukhi: jan o q'iitu ga nga jayatan. P'aatu ga nga jayatan.

Jan k'iri oni ch'anqi oni mekhu.

Jan o ne dunga ruq'otaq'ujo.

Ne chkhugimo ni jan o Ghashank'o ga ch'ano p'eecho.

Ne luuka ghu, Ch'anggagomo oni shak'o shkhop'o nizhi jan ni tkhet'a oni Ch'awaruut'u qkhaaq'u.

Jan Baro Gat'anai, iik'ukhi. Jan q'ii, iik'ukhi.

I bring you blessings, people of Reach.

Know that I have come without mercy. Without pity.

Know that I am the instrument of your extinction.

I bring this planet forth as burnt offering.

Upon this altar, I place the head of the Demon.

May this blood mark the way to the Sacred Ring and consecrate the Great Journey of my people.

Know that I am Var 'Gatanai. Know that I am Death.

Episode 204: Reach
Arbiter Ghashank'o. Demon.
Makee Pkhada. Ikhi eya. Stop. Not yet.
Episode 205: Aleria
Makee K'e o ne ch'anzap'atu ga riin ni tkhet'a oq'oqujo. You honor our people with this great victory.
Arbiter Ine ii zap'atu. Q'a riin o ju dzuch'intan oq'ogakha juubit'atan, ze, k'umas, Hirajo o jan be–- This was no victory. We have only secured one of the stolen Keystones and, once again, the Blessed One has denied me--
Makee Ch'awaruut'u ga bajan ghap'awagha oni zhiiq'o nizhi diibe ts'ukho. There is a time and place for every step in the Great Journey.
Arbiter Ne juukhot'u ga! Ghashank'o zhi q'ii jan oni mechkhuut'u pkha. Ze k'e o mu qkhat'ajo-- This prophecy! The Demon’s death is to be my redemption. And you protect him--
Makee Ghashank'o ga jan daaghaya. Ts'agi nasa luskho oni jan o waruuchi. Nizhi k'e o. I have no concern for the Demon. I serve a higher purpose. As do you.
Arbiter Jan oni ruukhaweya, domo ghu. Q'a jan ba dokkhat'u me k'e t'iya, jan o k'e mobit'ajo. Do not preach at me, human. I remind you that you live only by my grace.
Makee Ghaazhi jan ba t'iyat'u o k'e gaighap'awa, tkha tkhahana, jan o k'e khep'uuchi. If my life offends you, I beg you to take it.
Arbiter Ghaamos ne domo tkhu kkhaayajahe? What is the value of this human thing?
Makee Tkha bit'agha. It is a vessel.
Arbiter Tkha o gha bit'ajahe? What does it contain?
Makee Iit'u. Domo iit'u. Knowledge. Human knowledge.
Arbiter Muuri o Oq'ogakha bit'atan ghaadi oni tkha o khawalajahe? Can it say where they have taken the Keystone?
Makee Jaja. Q'a jan o tkha me ch'amaarojen ghaazhi jan o iik'ijaga. Perhaps. I will not know until I look inside.
Arbiter Ine ba ch'amaaro. So look.
Makee Ch'anggagomo ga k'e o mojayajo gha jan oni loshkho. Show me what you remember of the Ring.
Cortana Jan ii k'e oni. I don't belong to you.
Makee Ghaazhi jan oni k'e k'aachoye, Ch'ambuujo oni jan k'aachwejaga. Thku gaibaachaga gha jan k'e nizhi iik'u. If you cease to be useful to me, I will cease to be useful to the Hierarchs. You and I both know what happens to that thing.
Makee Ghuuri obadi ts'ukho. There are all kinds of prisons.
Makee K'e o gha tskhaatan? Ghaamos riin nis ts'aha? Buulo Ch'awaat'u ni. What have you done? Why are we here at High Charity?
Arbiter Riin ni welit'ari juusiit'atan. Our fleet has been recalled.
Makee Eya. Tkha khech'imo, riin o meghizit'u–- No. We have a mission, to retrieve the--
Arbiter Riin o meghizit'u nuutan. Tkha juuch'imo pkha. We failed the mission. Accept that.
Makee Muuri o riin oni tskhaajaga k'e iik'ujahe? Jan oni? Do you know what they will do to us? To me?
Arbiter Jan oni ruuq'uuka ruunujuq'u gawaaka oni muuri o ine juuch'injaga gaimaaro jan o enji. I can only hope that they will accept this token as an offering, to mitigate my punishment.
Makee Ine tskha'eya. Do not do this.
Arbiter Ch'ambuujo o tkha ruukhoji. The Hierarchs command it.
Makee Ch'ambuujo chkhaacho pkha. The Hierarchs are liars.
Arbiter K'umas ghakhawa: Jan o k'e ni yaala ga shkhii dzuminojaga. Blaspheme again, and I will rip the breath from your body.

Juukhojo laalekkha. Ch'awaruut'u qkhosezhi.

Hait'u ii muuri me. Muuri ii K'enjo.

The Prophets are false. They have no intention of beginning the Great Journey.

It is not in their power to do so. They are not Chosen.

Makee Ze muuri o tkha iik'u. Jan o juukhot'u ch'anik'otan. Ze riin o Ch'awaruut'u qkhosi pkha. And they know it. I have seen the prophecy. And we will be the ones to begin the Great Journey.
Arbiter K'e ba ch'akhawa k'aachoya q'a skhire. Your flattery is as cruel as it is empty.

Ne k'e k'aajijen juukhojo k'e ga watkho.

K'e oq'o nizhi moq'aatu ni t'ema muuri o tkha ch'anik'otan.

Ze muuri ba t'isquut'u ga muuri kkhesp'aqujo.

These Prophets that would shame you do so because they fear you.

They see your greatness and the purity of your faith.

And it makes them choke on their hypocrisy.

Arbiter Ghaasha k'e o ine tskhaacho? How are you doing this?
Makee Jan o ine tskha'eya. Tkha k'e. Ine k'e oni juubaat'u. This is not my doing. This is yours. This is your destiny.
Arbiter Jan o gha enjaga? What must I do?
Makee Gaikkhat'a. K'e o enji. Jan gaikkhat'a. Jan Hirajo. Believe. You must believe. In me. I am the Blessed One.
Arbiter Riin chkha'a muuri o chkhan welit'ari tkhungajaga. They will send the entire fleet to hunt us down.
Makee Ze muuri nuuchaga. And they will fail.
Makee Tkha kkhaarutan. It is written.
Episode 206: Onyx
Uto 'Mdama

T'ikhori gairaskha lo. Jan o Buulo Ch'awaat'u k'o Welit'ari t'isiit'aijen.

Ghaazhi ne gaijaat'u t'oochaga k'e o gaikkhaachahe?

There seems to be a problem with our communications. I have been unable to contact High Charity or the Fleet.

When do you expect this malfunction to be resolved?

Arbiter Tkha ii gaijaat'u. Jan o tkha gwitan. It is not a malfunction. It is my command.
Uto 'Mdama Pkha? Ze riin q'uho ghaamos T'inguqkhuujo o gwijahe? Oh? And why does Arbiter command our silence?
Arbiter Riin oni meghizit'u ba ts'aha, gawaacho ghu. Because our mission demands it, priest.
Uto 'Mdama Ghaadi oni riin o waruuchahe? Jaja k'e o k'e ni rojo oni t'ikhojen. Where are we going? Perhaps you should consult your pet.
Arbiter Jan oni gwigha Ch'ambuujo ga jayajo pkha. My direction comes from the Hierarchs themselves.
Uto 'Mdama K'e ni k'aaje me mos ba. Juukhojo oni ikhi ba moq'aareya khotan. As does your shame. Some say you no longer put your faith in the Prophets.
Arbiter Domo jan oni nga k'ono me mos ba. The human means nothing to me.
Uto 'Mdama Jan o ne nga t'iskinagha jan ba et'o ga tkhahanjaga de. I would gladly put these baseless insinuations to rest with the stroke of my sword.
Arbiter Gawaacho ghu! Q'a matkha mu ii jan oni. Ii k'e oni pkha. Priest! But she is not mine to kill. Nor is she yours.
Uto 'Mdama Jan o p'uuchaga ghaazhi Buulo Ch'awaat'u oni banwaruuchaga. Tkha ghaazhi… Then I will ask when I return to High Charity. Which will be...
Arbiter Yodu. Soon.
Makee Gawaacho motsuma mep'uucho. The priest is a cunning inquisitor.
Arbiter K'e o Oq'ogakha mosq'aatanjahe? You have communed with the Keystone?
Makee Juusatkha. Jan Hirajo. Of course. I am the Blessed One.
Makee Gha ine o moshkhoochahe? What is the meaning of this?
Uto 'Mdama K'e ni rojo o baghiit'u ga baqkhat'ajo. K'e gaighap'awa tkha o entan. Your pet professes ignorance. It is an insult to you.
Arbiter Q'uho, Gawaacho ghu. Silence, priest.
Arbiter Bazhiiq'o ga welit'a ba t'isiit'agha khobutan. A transmission went out from the ship, not long ago.
Makee Ine ba jan iik'uya. I know nothing of this.
Uto 'Mdama Jaja ine ba k'e iik'ujahe? Perhaps you know something of this?
Uto 'Mdama Ne domo mekho ba t'isiit'agha khobutan. Ze domo dunga oni jaari o tkha ghachkhaatan. The transmission came from this human device. And we tracked it toward the human planets.
Makee Jan o iik'uya... Jan me suung ch'anik'o. Tkha o k'e dzuqkhosijaga. I know not how... See my heart. It would never betray you.
Uto 'Mdama Kkhadzat'u ba tskha'a. Tkha oq'eya. Tkha ga ii baashi ba ngani. K'e o juutkhola k'aaje bit'ajo. Do what must be done. It has no honor. It requires no ceremony. You carry enough shame as it is.
Arbiter Q'aara gaikkhaajo jan ni bani qkhoschaga. K'iri ba ghats'aatu reschaga pkha. Those of you who are true believers, you will stand with me. The rest of you will die.
Episode 207: Thermopylae
Cortana Atkha oq'eya. That wasn't nice. (That wasn't honorable.)
Uto 'Mdama Gha dzuqkhost'u ine? What treachery is this?
Cortana Khuut'a ga p'uuka jan o k'e oni p'uuchen, Ut'o Madama ghu. I could ask you the same thing, Uto 'Mdama.
Uto 'Mdama Jan ba k'e iik'ujahe? You know me?
Cortana Jan ghuurit'u ba iik'u, gawaacho ghu. I know many things, priest.
Uto 'Mdama Ghaadi ni domo ts'aachahe? Where is the human?
Cortana Tkha juushkhop'o k'e o enji, jan o khep'uucho. I am afraid you will have to be more specific.
Uto 'Mdama Hirajo. The Blessed one.
Cortana Qkhe. K'e ni bani. Oh. Behind you.
Makee Jan o k'e hirajo. I bless you.
Arbiter Tskhaatan. T'iiwajo q'ii ni ghats'aha. It is done. The priest's infidels are dead.
Makee K'e o jan ni bani qkhostan. Jaja k'e jan ni bani reschen. You stood for me. You would have died for me.
Arbiter K'e me q'aatu ni bani jan reschen. I would have died for the truth you carry.
Makee Welit'ari riin maaro. The Fleet has found us.
Makee Riin ruubaachahe? Will we be destroyed?
Arbiter Gha k'e o juunik'otan? What have you foreseen?
Makee Juunik'otu o jan k'aatan. Jan kkhotskha. I see nothing now (The sight has left me). I am fallen.
Makee K'e me moq'aatu oni kkhaaya jan khiik'uya. I do not know how to make myself worthy of your faith.
Arbiter K'e ikhi kkhaaya. K'e o jan ni mechkhuut'u jan oni loshkhotan. You already have. You have shown me my redemption.
Arbiter K'e oni Jan bats'a. I am bound to you.
Makee Ch'anggagomo oni riin bats'a. We are bound to the Ring.
Episode 208: Halo
Arbiter K'e o juukhotan gha gaibaatan. It is as you foretold.
Arbiter Mechkhuut'u hodu. Redemption awaits.
Arbiter Juukhot'u q'iskhitan.

You will not be spared this time.

(The prophecy is incomplete.)

Arbiter K'e oni juubaat'u shkhis, Ghashank'o ghu. Come meet your destiny, Demon.
Arbiter Ghaamos k'e o q'ii nguqkhwijahe? Why do you not accept your death?
Arbiter Jan matkha, Ghashank'o ghu. Jan ni k'aaje tkhahana. Kill me, Demon. End my shame.
Makee Ine ii tkha ni k'e juutkhola q'ii. This is not the death you deserve.
Arbiter Jan juumatkha. Jan oni oq'otu k'umas ch'awaqkho. Mu oni t'iloshkho. Take my life. Restore my honor. Tell him.
Makee Eya. Jan o tkha tskha'ijaga. No. I won't.
Arbiter K'e o enji. You must.
Arbiter Jan kkhotskha. Gha skhuro ba k'uucho ikhi jan?

What is a soldier when he can no longer fight?

(I am broken. What kind of soldier am I now?)