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Frederic-104 (Spartan-104)
Ellsworth, Frederic
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
Height: 216cm
Weight: 132kg
Hair: Black
Eye: Blue-green
Homeworld: Ballast
Birth: April 3, 2511
Highly intelligent, alert and objective-focused during operations, Frederic-104 always appears solemn and stoic when dealing with UNSC personnel. His stabilizing influence on troop morale is of interest to ONI psychologists.

While there is little doubt as to Frederic-104's prowess in combat his true genius lies in strategy, information management, and the forging of disparate combat elements into a cohesive warfighting force, even when presented with only the barest information on troop dispensation When operating as a member of Blue Team, Frederic-104 defers to John-117 for tactical direction and focuses on close- to mid-range combat.

Notable Operations
As of August 2558, Frederic-104 has completed 197 military operations [139 full campaigns] during the course of the Insurrection and the Covenant War. His post-War experience is equally impressive, though most were unrecorded black ops. Frederic-104 is highly decorated, but refrains from wearing awards.