Echo Two

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This article is about the Sabre unit. For the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, see Echo Two (ODST).

Kristòf Jen: "Frigate Savannah in position. Sabre teams: sound off."
Pilot of Echo Two: "Echo Two, good to go."
— Kristòf Jen and the pilot of Echo Two during the assault on the Ardent Prayer.
Four FSS-1000 Sabres during Operation: UPPER CUT in orbit above Reach. From Halo: Reach campaign level Long Night of Solace.
Echo Two, along with Echo One, Echo Three, and Echo Four in orbit of Reach during Operation: UPPER CUT.

Echo Two was a FSS-1000 Sabre that fought during Operation: UPPER CUT alongside Noble Team. The Sabre defended Anchor 9 when the station came under attack of Covenant Elsedda-pattern Banshees and Type-31 Seraphs, then participated in the assault on the Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette Ardent Prayer. During the assault on the Covenant corvette, the pilot of Echo Two questioned where enemy reinforcements were coming from. Echo Two was one of the four Sabres that landed in the topside hull of the corvette. The pilot was killed during the skirmish onboard, and the Sabre was thrown into slipspace along with the Ardent Prayer at the conclusion of the operation.[1] [Note 1]

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  1. ^ Three Sabres landed on the Ardent Prayer with Bravo 029, and all three pilots were male. Given that the pilot of Echo One was female, it likely implied that Echo One did not participate in the boarding action, leaving the three remaining Sabres as the only units that could have boarded the corvette.