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Desdoron V

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Desdoron V, sometimes referred to simply as Desdoron,[note 1] is a human Outer Colony, governed by the Unified Earth Government. The colony was the homeworld of Kennedy Mehaffey.[1] The planet featured a ski resort located in a mountain range, with a lodge and rented mountain chalets. Edward Buck and Veronica Dare took a vacation at Desdoron V's ski resort in 2554.[2]

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  1. ^ The colony is only referred to as "Desdoron" on Halo Waypoint's Universe article for Kennedy Mehaffey. However, another colony is referred to as "Desdoron V" in Halo: New Blood. It is presumed that these worlds are both the same colony, as the novel often drops the Roman numeral designation, as is the case with Draco III.