Halo Wars 2 Challenges

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Challenges in Halo Wars 2 are daily and weekly objectives that players can complete for experience points (XP), which contributes to progression on the Halo Wars 2 multiplayer ranks.

List of Challenges[edit]

Daily Challenges[edit]

Name Requirements Reward
Taste of Victory Win one game 500 XP
Countered! Perform ten counter kills 400 XP
No Mercy Finish one game of Deathmatch 400 XP
Build or Bust Finish three games of Strongholds 400 XP
Quick Draw Finish three games of Blitz 400 XP
The Spirit of Fire Finish three games as a UNSC leader 400 XP
Rise of the Banished Finish three games as a Banished leader 400 XP
The Captain Finish two games as Cutter 400 XP
The AI Finish two games as Isabel 400 XP
The Professor Finish two games as Anders 400 XP
The Renegade Finish two games as Atriox 400 XP
The Right Hand Finish two games as Decimus 400 XP
The Mercenary Finish two games as Shipmaster 400 XP
The Soldier Finish two games as Forge 400 XP
The Rebel Finish two games as Kinsano 400 XP
The Colony Finish two games as Colony 400 XP
The Sergeant Finish two games as Johnson 400 XP
The Arbiter Finish two games as Arbiter 400 XP
The Spartan Finish two games as Commander Jerome 400 XP
The Legacy Finish two games as Serina 400 XP
The Destroyer Finish two games as Yapyap 400 XP
The Corrupter Finish two games as Voridus 400 XP
The Shield Finish two games as Pavium 400 XP

Weekly Challenges[edit]

Name Requirements Reward
Consistently Countered! Perform fifty counter kills 1000 XP
Team Victory Win two team games 1000 XP
Victory Run Win six games 1000 XP
Know Battle Finish twenty games 2000 XP
Know the Captain Finish nine games as Cutter 800 XP
Deathmatch League Finish four team games of Deathmatch 800 XP
Strongholds League Finish six team games of Strongholds 800 XP
Know the Captain Finish nine games as Cutter 800 XP
Know the AI Finish nine games as Isabel 800 XP
Know the Professor Finish nine games as Anders 800 XP
Know the Renegade Finish nine games as Atriox 800 XP
Know the Lieutenant Finish nine games as Decimus 800 XP
Know the Mercenary Finish nine games as Shipmaster 800 XP
Know the Soldier Finish nine games as Forge 800 XP
Know the Rebel Finish nine games as Kinsano 800 XP
Know the Colony Finish nine games as Colony 800 XP
Know the Sergeant Finish nine games as Johnson 800 XP
Know the Arbiter Finish nine games as Arbiter 800 XP
Know the Spartan Finish nine games as Commander Jerome 800 XP
Know the Legacy Finish nine games as Serina 800 XP
Know the Destroyer Finish nine games as Yapyap 800 XP
Know the Corrupter Finish nine games as Voridus 800 XP
Know the Shield Finish nine games as Pavium 800 XP


The following achievements can be unlocked across the all editions of Halo Wars 2.

Icon Title Unlock requirement Gamerscore
HW2 Achievement MakingTheMostOfTheDay.png Making the most of the day Complete 3 Daily Challenges in one day. 10 gamerscore
HW2 Achievement AStrongShowingForTheWeek.png A strong showing for the week Complete a set of 3 Weekly Challenges. 10 gamerscore
HW2 Achievement ShortTermCommitment.png Short-term commitment Complete at least 1 Daily Challenge each day for a week. 20 gamerscore
HW2 Achievement LongTermCommitment.png Long-term commitment Complete at least 1 Weekly Challenge each week for a month. 30 gamerscore