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This is a local archive of posts by the Halo Waypoint forum member Catalog in the year 2015. All posts and thread titles are transcribed verbatim.

Canonical posts[edit]

Halo 5 Truth[edit]

The Covenant vessels seen in this War Games map set are contemporary designs within a historical scenario.

For clarity: All War Game scenarios are combat simulations that take place within the UNSC Infinity. Many such map sets are based on actual locales - either reconstructed from fragmentary records (as in the case of the specific layout of the Undiminished Entelechy and deployment/composition of Thel 'Vadamee's Fleet of Particular Justice) or built from remotely sensed and on-site survey data for mission preparation and familiarization. Specific implementation of artistic [touches] is at the discretion of the simulation designers and [narrative] builders.[1]

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Halo 5 Truth'']</ref>

Dear Catalog since it seems your still active[edit]

FlyingCreeper89 wrote:
Since I just saw you in a thread I have 3 questions that maybe you could answer?

  1. What are the ships seen in truth?
  2. Where is the main menu take place (ship, station, etc....)?
  3. Is the multiplayer the same concept of halo 4 (war games)


  1. This query is answered in more depth within a separate thread.
  2. Layout of environment is closely correlated with last known [symphony] of War Games environments aboard the UNSC Infinity.
  3. Correct.[2]
  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Dear Catalog since it seems your still active'']</ref>

How much does a mjolnir system cost?[edit]

Fully answering this question would require too many resources at present.For partial clarification and edification: Human [Mjolnir] combat skin platforms require extensive design and simulation refinement before being placed in production, due to the difficulty and time required for the [texo] of their [exotic composite] [lorica] shell, construction and integration of the compact [sun-star] power plant, and [alternate foundation] computing architecture. True costs to the human military was less the [transactional system units] assigned for [checkbook accounting] and more the loss of scientific personnel utilization, [precious-limited] manufacturing time at intact [high tier] [fabricae], and [mass-volume] of exotic materials required for each [bespoke] combat skin.[3]

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''How much does a mjolnir system cost?'']</ref>

CF: Chatternet - That's Armor, Eh?[edit]

[AFFIDAVIT] Participant answers that != Set(['Prefect ','Helioskrill']) are [contradictio in adjecto].[4]

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''CF: Chatternet - That's Armor, Eh?]</ref>

Who are the Nelkrons?[edit]

Quote: Canon, scrapped, or non-canon? I really have no idea if they were just rumors or what.

Query Answer: No such object or entity.[5]
  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Who are the Nelkrons?'']</ref>

Per Curiam - Iunius 2015[edit]

Post #1[edit]

The following reconciliation anomalies have recently been corrected. Please update local records.
Colonial Military Administration
Drug Class: Morphophetamine[6]

  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Per Curiam - Iunius 2015 (Post 1)'']</ref>

Post #2[edit]

Quote: Perhaps you can correct that nonsense about the Ur-Didact's epilogue speech being before Halo 4, as well as Saber's fate, eh Catalog? ;)

Shadow-of-Sundered-Star's speech proved to be more complex than was immediately apparent, touching on [skeins] that [never were]. It is [suasoria].[7]
  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Per Curiam - Iunius 2015 (Post 10)'']</ref>

Post #3[edit]

Quote: Wonder what caused that hiatus(in a lore point of view I mean) I was concerned that it vanished like a few of the monitors on the Halo Installations.

[Torpor] required to prioritize higher-priority tasks. Limited functionality restored.].[8]
  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Per Curiam - Iunius 2015 (Post 24)'']</ref>

Post #4[edit]

Quote: What is the status of Hamish Beamish? Note: Recently acquired footage indicates that, during their assault on Circinius IV, the Covenant took note of Beamish's unmatched skills with a space mop and inducted him into their ranks to clean the floor outside their Council Chamber, where he was spotted as recently as November of 2552. Can you confirm this?

Query Answer: [Human?] Hamish Beamish is classified as [ferae naturae] and outside the purview of current investigations.[9]
  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Per Curiam - Iunius 2015 (Post 44)'']</ref>

Anniversaries and canon inconsistencies[edit]

Quote: There are more than that. The Sniper Rifle in CEA is a Model 99 (like in Reach), not a 99C (like the original game) and the pistol is the M6G model from Halo 3.

Query Answer: [in esse] equipment designations remain unchanged unless otherwise noted.[10]
  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Anniversaries and canon inconsistencies (Post 41)'']</ref>

Was Lasky Promoted?[edit]

Quote: In Halo 4, Lasky had one star on his shoulder, but we see him in Halo 5 with four stars. My knowledge of ranks are a bit off but did Lasky go from a Captain to an Admiral in just a couple of months or is this just some sort of retcon?

Query Answer: Human [Trierarchus] Lasky remains a [Captain] as of [September, 2558]. Reference visual representation is [pro tem].[11]
  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Was Lasky Promoted? (Post 5)'']</ref>

Notations and clarifications[edit]

Sights/scopes future info[edit]

Quote: Another great issue!
I have a kind of odd request: can you do a Canon Fodder on the sights/scopes in the Halo universe, some time? We know little to nothing (only of the KFA-2, and A2 scopes, but we don't know much about them, let alone the rest of the ones in the other games), and it'd be nice to learn some more, particularly about Halo 5's CQB, Recon, Longshot and Sentinel sights.

Query Answer: Extended [ancillary] details are available for all current and proposed weapon [targeting/sighting] [auxilio] used by combatant factions in focus area. Further elucidation requires [vexationes] of information [custodes] [SadSiblingFirst?].[12]

Humorous posts[edit]

Scarab vs AT-AT[edit]

Quote: Also, I think we still haven't answered an important question; Would a scarab beat an AT-AT?

Query Answer: Yes, under most deployment scenarios.[13]
  • Reference:<ref>[ '''Halo Waypoint:''' ''Canon Fodder 7-2-15: Scarab Tactics (Post 44)'']</ref>