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Bravery, Brotherhood

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Bravery, Brotherhood


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori (adapted by Brian Trifon, Lennie Moore, Paul Lipson, and Tom Salta)




Random Slipspace Trajectory


Installation 04


Bravery, Brotherhood is the second track (Disc 1 Track 2) in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: Original Soundtrack.


The track is an arrangement of Brothers In Arms from Halo: Original Soundtrack, down to having the same runtime, but features a more prominent choir section in the first half.


The track plays in place of Brother In Arms in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary:

  • The ending is heard in the main menu of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.
  • In the opening and closing cinematics of the level The Pillar of Autumn.
  • Twice during the level Halo; once during the Covenant's last attempt to eliminate the first group of survivors, and again on the Covenant's attempt to kill the very last group of survivors.
  • Four possible times during the level The Truth and Reconciliation: once outside the ship, once in the shuttle bay if most, if not all, of the Marines are dead, once near the brig where Jacob Keyes is being held, and once in the ending cinematic.