BOT Bootcamp

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BOT Bootcamp is a matchmaking playlist in Halo Infinite designed to introduce new players to the game's multiplayer mechanics. Matches mostly reflected the Quick Play playlist, with the enemy team being comprised of AI-controlled bots.

"Start your journey in Halo Infinite multiplayer! Practice against Marine-level bots as a team of 4. Learn to play both Slayer and Objective gametypes on a variety of Arena maps."
— Playlist description
November 15th, 2021
Gametypes Maps
Arena:CTF Behemoth
Arena:Slayer Aquarius
Arena:Slayer Bazaar
Arena:Slayer Behemoth
Arena:Slayer Live Fire
Arena:Slayer Recharge
Arena:Oddball Live Fire
Arena:Oddball Recharge
Arena:Oddball Streets
Arena:Strongholds Live Fire
Arena:Strongholds Recharge
Arena:Strongholds Streets
Arena:CTF Aquarius
Arena:CTF Bazaar