Audio log (Halo Infinite)/Spartan/Scattered/02

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APR 23, 2560 // Stone recons Outpost Tremonius, built in the shadow of the Mortal Reverie, and makes a troubling discovery.

  • Spartan Bonita Stone: Open a one-way transmission. Initial sweep of the Reverie site is complete.

[Sound: Beeping.]

  • Stone: The Banished outpost here... is more than a barracks. They're unearthing Forerunner tech from within this Ring. Including artifacts I've never seen before. But there's more: over half of the Banished detachment manning this post are peeling off to another excavation site, south of here. Orders from the War Chief himself. A Forerunner facility called the Conservatory. whatever it is, it's important enough to divert Escharum's sole focus. We need eyes on the Conservatory as soon as possible. I'd go myself, but I need a closer look at the artifacts here. All this time we've assumed that Zeta Halo was like the others. What if it's something more?