Assault Ops/Halo: Spartan Assault/Operation E: Frostbite

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Level Name Objective Reward
E-1: Hunt for the Phantom Blind Spot Kill 10 Drones with a Wraith 194 XP
Let it Rain! Kill 20 Stealth Elites with SMGs 320 XP
Come Out of the Shade Destroy 10 Stealth Elites with a Shade Turret 254 XP
E-2: The Scorching of the Thicket Light at the End of the Tunnel Kill 20 Grunt Majors with a Focus Rifle 240 XP
Scorched Earth Kill 10 Elite Majors using Incendiary Grenades 254 XP
Fight Plasma with Plasma Kill 100 Grunts with a Plasma Pistol 370 XP
E-3: Infiltration of the Cult Leader's Base All Charged Up Kill 30 Jackals with a Plasma Pistol 230 XP
Dynamite Fishing Kill 50 Grunt Majors with Grenades 370 XP
Stick Around! Kill 100 Covenant with a Needler 554 XP
E-4: Hunt for the Cult Leader Ghost Blaster Destroy 5 Ghosts using a Plasma Pistol 240 XP
Plasma Transfusion Destroy 10 Shade Turrets with a Ghost 234 XP
Road Warrior Kill 50 Covenant with a Ghost 374 XP
E-5: Battle for the Moon Rodent Removal Kill 10 Jackals 170 XP
Exterminator Kill 25 Elites with an Assault Rifle 310 XP
Perosus Latrunculus Exterminatus Kill 20 Jackals with a Brute Shot 210 XP