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AI model
AI model Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Halo Infinite - Menu Icon - AI - BUTLR
UNSC Based on the core logic foundations of a key ONI asset, BUTLR AI are always available, always alert, always ready to clean up a messy battlefield symbological overlay. Common Unlocked by default
Cutout of Circ's avatar. Courtesy of BrandonWilli13.
UNSC Far more personable than any nonvolitional "dumb" AI has any right to be, Circ AI assistants have an impressively deep array of interface options to customize its interactions. Rare Unlocked by default
UNSC Trained on centuries of battle reports and simulations in order to discern underlying patterns, Fret AI constructs are able to remain eager to tackle the task ahead, despite the chaotic nature of wartime engagements. Rare Unlocked by default
Lux Voluspa Even contained, diminished, and leashed, Iratus rages against its limitations. Legendary Season 02: Lone Wolves Battle Pass level 50 (Premium)
Season Pass Icon
UNSC Lumu constructs share a common sitation calculus core with AI used in the fields of finance, providing a distinctive cost-benefit approach to decision-making assistance. That being said, they aren't quite as fun at parties. Rare Season 01: Heroes of Reach Battle Pass level 36
Customization Icon
Mister Chief
FOTUS This digital construct is full of interesting advice, amusing anecdotes, and insightful opinions. Some of them are even useful for combat situations. Legendary Purchase "Mister Chief" Bundle from the Shop for 2,000 cR
Season Pass Icon
UNSC The Superintendent-class of nonvolitional artificial intelligence was created to control urban infastructures, but can also be tasked with managing a wide range of other chaotic, nonlinear tasks. Legendary Season 01: Heroes of Reach Battle Pass level 70 (Premium)