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Air Combat Command
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UNSC Air Force


Major command


Air Combat Command (ACC) is a major organizational command of the UNSC Air Force.[1] The command's heraldry suggests that it is a successor to the United States Air Force's formation of the same name. Like its predecessor, Air Combat Command's role is to provide air superiority and close air support for UNICOM personnel.

Aerospace craft[edit]

Air Combat Command is known to operate the GA-TL1 Longsword A/X interceptor (particularly the C712 variant),[1] as well as the F-41 Broadsword A/X fighter.[2] The top-secret FSS-1000 Sabre was managed by the Air Force, though it is unclear whether the ACC was responsible for the craft's combat deployments.[3] The organization presumably also utilizes the B-65 Shortsword suborbital bomber.

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