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This article is about the podcast of 343 Industries. For other uses of the term, see 343 (disambiguation).

343 Sparkast is the official podcast of 343 Industries. Hosted by the Halo Waypoint content producer David Ellis, it offers an official look on the latest news, interviews, and inside stories relating to the Halo franchise.[1]


343 Sparkast 001[edit]

In the first installment of 343 Sparkast, released on October 22, 2010, David Ellis and Frank O'Connor are joined by author Greg Bear to talk about Halo: Cryptum, the first book in The Forerunner Saga.[1]

343 Sparkast 002[edit]

In the second episode released on November 23, 2010, David Ellis and Jeremy Patenaude talk with the Bungie employees Eric Osborne and Derek Carroll about the Noble Map Pack, and are later joined by Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth.[1]

343 Sparkast 003[edit]

In the third episode of Sparkast, recorded during GDC 2011 and released March 8, 2011, Ellis is joined by Frank O'Connor and guests from 343 Industries and Certain Affinity to discuss the Defiant Map Pack.[1]

343 Sparkast 004[edit]

In the fourth installment released on June 7, 2011, David Ellis, Frank O'Connor, and the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary producer Dennis Ries discuss the new Halo games announced at E3 2011.[1]

343 Sparkast 005[edit]

In the fifth episode, David Ellis and Frank O'Connor first discuss the novel Halo: Glasslands with author Karen Traviss. In the second part, they are joined by 343 Industries Executive Producer Dan Ayoub and Certain Affinity's Max Hoberman to discuss Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and the upcoming Halo Fest at PAX Prime 2011.[1]

343 Sparkast 006[edit]

David Ellis and Frank O'Connor are joined by former Bungie designer Jaime Griesemer, and they discuss Griesemer's background at Bungie, as well as the origins and development of Halo: Combat Evolved.[1]

343 Sparkast 007[edit]

Lionel Ward joins David Ellis and Frank O'Connor, and they discuss Halo Fest, the Tokyo Game Show, the launch of Anniversary, as well as the Halo: Reach Title Update beta.[1]

343 Sparkast 008[edit]

Dan Ayoub and Dennis Ries join Frank O'Connor and David Ellis to discuss the launch of Halo: Anniversary on November 15.[1]

343 Sparkast 009[edit]

Alison Stroll and Frank O'Connor join David Ellis to discuss the past year in relation to Halo.[1]

343 Sparkast 010[edit]

Creative Director, Josh Holmes and, Executive Producer, Kiki Wolfkill join David Ellis and Frank O'Connor to discuss the development progress for Halo 4, specifically campaign, multiplayer, music, and sound effects.[1]

343 Sparkast 011[edit]

Josh Holmes and Kiki Wolfkill join David Ellis and Frank O'Connor to discuss more info related to the development of Halo 4.[1]

343 Sparkast 012[edit]

Brad Welch, Kevin Franklin, and Josh Holmes join Frank O'Connor to discuss multiplayer updates in Halo 4.[1]

343 Sparkast 013[edit]

Frank O'Connor, Kiki Wolfkill and Josh Holmes join David Ellis to discuss the week in Los Angeles during E3. Lead animator, Stephen Dyck also joins in to discuss bringing the Promethean enemies to life in Halo 4.[1]

343 Sparkast 014[edit]

Frank O'Connor, Kevin Grace, and Matt McClosky join David Ellis to talk about the upcoming live action series, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.[1]

343 Sparkast 015[edit]

Chris Haluke, Greg Murphy and Josh Holmes join David Ellis and Frank O'Connor to discuss the past, present, and future of Spartan Ops.[1]

343 Sparkast 016[edit]

Join David Ellis, Frank O’Connor, Josh Holmes, Chris King and Chris Blohm as they discuss the combat sandbox(weapons, armor abilities, armor mods, etc) in Halo 4.[1]

343 Sparkast 017[edit]

Greg Bear joins David Ellis as well as Senior Writer Chris Schlerf and Franchise Writer Jeremy Patenaude to talk about the Didact, Librarian, and the Forerunners past and present.[1]