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Rooster Teeth Productions is a production group that specializes in the creation of machinima, or films created using real-time, interactive engines from computer and video games. They are best known for the creation of Red vs. Blue which led to the creation of Reconstruction, the miniseries Relocated and Recreation. The name originates from a common insult in Red vs. Blue, "cockbite." As such, the company logo consists of a silhouette of a rooster and a wind-up chattering teeth toy.

Further connection with the Halo series comes from the Achievement Hunter part of the company, which focusses on gaming. Several of their series, such as Fails of the Weak and Achievement HORSE are centered around the Halo games, although lately other games have been used with these concepts as well. The Halo games are also featured in several other Achievement Hunter shows.


While attending the University of Austin at Texas in 1997, students Matt Hullum and Burnie Burns worked with actor Joel Heyman to produce an independent film, The Schedule. The film had limited success and Burns began working at a local communications company, while Hullum and Heyman continued seeking filmography work in Los Angeles. While in Austin, Burns met Geoff Ramsey, Gus Sorola, Jason Saldaña, and Dan Godwin. In 2003, the five formed, a video game review website in which the five would review games while drunk in an attempt to get free video games. The group extensively played Halo: Combat Evolved and in a multiplayer match, they discussed if the Warthog looked like a puma. This led to the creation of Red vs. Blue, a machinima series created with the Combat Evolved engine that was intended to last for six to eight episodes. Hullum and Heyman were contacted to work on the series with them. However, while was successful to some degree, the website ended shortly after the first episode of Red vs. Blue aired.[1]

However, Red vs. Blue's success led to the creation of Rooster Teeth. The series is still active as of 2014 and has received recognition and support from its large fan base and even Bungie Studios. In 2006, Rooster Teeth Productions formed its own webcomic series, Rooster Teeth Comics. The strip portrays the staff members in humorous situations often relating to real life events in the lives of the staff, or other widely recognized current events. It was drawn by Luke McKay, a Rooster Teeth employee, and written by Griffon Ramsey, the wife of Geoff Ramsey. The series was discontinued on August 20, 2011.[2]

In 2006, Geoff Ramsey formed Achievement Hunter after realizing that there was a lack of Xbox 360 achievement guides. Achievement Hunter was received with very positive reviews and has since created numerous Halo-related series with the website. In late 2007, Rooster Teeth created a Halo 3 multiplayer gametype called Grifball, played on the maps Foundry and Sandbox. Bungie has included the gametype in Double EXP Weekends in Halo 3. Rooster Teeth has organized an official Grifball league.


Halo based[edit]

Red vs. Blue[edit]


Non-Halo based[edit]

  • The Strangerhood
  • 1-800-Magic
  • Stroyent Commercials
  • P.A.N.I.C.S
  • Supreme Surrender
  • Nature Town
  • RWBY
    • RWBY Chibi
  • X-Ray & Vav
  • Camp Camp

Live action[edit]

  • Captain Dynamic
  • Rooster Teeth Shorts
  • RT Live
  • RT Animated Adventures
  • Immersion
  • Past Cast
  • The Gauntlet
  • The Know
  • iBlade
  • Ten Little Roosters
    • Eleven Little Roosters
  • Lazer Team
  • Million Dollars, But...
  • Day 5

Achievement Hunter[edit]

  • Achievement HORSE/Achievement Hunt
  • Fails of the Weak
  • Let's Play
  • Rage Quit
  • Achievement Hunter Weekly Update
  • Game Fails
  • This Is...
  • Things To Do In
  • A Look Back At
  • Five Facts
  • Play Pals




  • In the Halo 2 multiplayer map Turf, there are two soda machines referencing the Rooster Teeth logo. One has a picture of a rooster with a blue silhouette on it, and the other has teeth with a red and green silhouette. One of them is near the tent and the other is in the "warehouse", the room with the swing doors. This Easter Egg was referenced in the Red vs. Blue season five DVD in which Church shows Doc the logo. Despite Church's many hints to Doc, the latter never gets it and just thinks that it says "Soda pop".
  • In Halo: Reach, some of the soldiers names in the Fireteam mechanic are the names of some Rooster Teeth employees.


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