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A Weapon Holder holding an Energy Sword.

The Weapon Holder is a device used by the Covenant for storing certain weapons, using either anti-gravity or magnetic suspension to hold its cargo aloft. It is most often encountered in multiplayer levels holding the Energy Sword aloft, but can hold other weapons. It costs $3 and is available on every map.

Weapon Holders don't only hold weapons; they can also hold the 7 Wood (technically scenery) or any equipment like the Bubble Shield or Power Drain, and even some scenery such as the Gravity Lift, but it will only hold it sideways. Weapon holders can also hold the Active Camo, Overshield and Custom Powerups.


  • On Sandtrap, the Weapon Holders will not work on the Elephants for some reason. Instead of holding a weapon, the weapon will just fall down.
  • Like the Elephants on Sandtrap, the Weapon Holders will not work on the floating platform on Epitaph.
  • The Weapon Holders can be balanced on almost any surface, even on a tree branch on High Ground.
  • On Construct, if you place a gravity lift in a weapon holder and place it on a corner, all players walking around the corner will be thrust out into the air and killed.
  • In the released map packs, Weapon Holders are usually used to make certain objects float that normally would fall down. Objects usually held in the air by Weapon Holders are Active Grav Lifts, Fusion Coils, and some other small objects like radios, drums, and radio packs.
  • When a Player deploys any form of equipment near enough from an empty Weapon Holder, it will be held neatly in it. The same works possibly for grenades.
  • The Traffic Cone under the Scarab Gun in Halo 2 works in exactly the same way as a Halo 3 Weapon Holder.

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