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MAR 03, 2560 // Their forces scattered, the surviving Spartans weight their options. 

  • Spartan Vedrana Makovich: Stone's completed her recon sweep. She located two squads taking shelter up north. That's an additional twelve to our confirmed survivor count.
  • Spartan Bertold Vettel: Any sign of the others? Griffin? Kovan? Horvath?
  • Makovich: No. Not even at the prisoner camps. Bertold... It's been over a month since the Reverie...
  • Vettel: Don't say it. I will not abandon them.
  • Spartan Theodore Sorel : We have to acknowledge reality. We lost the Reverie. Our last Forward Operating Base is now offline. We're scattered, and control of the Ring is in Escharum's reach. We don't have many options left, but we do have orders.
  • Vettel: Rubicon protocol.
  • Makovich: Stop or slow the Banished by any means necessary.
  • Vettel: and keep Zeta Halo out of their control. Buy Earth as much time as we can. That's our mission now.