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Zhar was a Sangheili who held the rank of Zealot during the early middle of the Human-Covenant War. He was a friend of Thel 'Vadamee and a member of his Zealot unit at the time.


Zhar was a member of a small team of Zealots led by Thel 'Vadamee. In 2535, they were based on the Retribution's Thunder, a Covenant destroyer commanded by 'Vadamee, who attacked UNSC ships at Charybdis IX during the Battle of Charybdis IX. The group was later ordered personally by the High Prophet of Regret to find Kig-Yar rebels who were trading Covenant weapons with humans. [1]

Zhar with Thel.

During the conflict in the Rubble, Zhar began to question the Prophets' orders to completely eradicate the human race, and wondered why they couldn't be accepted into the Covenant; he remarked that "...they show some capacity for honor," and that there was "...something profoundly noble in them...", regarding an injured Faison, who had given his life to defend the humans aboard the Infinite Spoils.[2] He also began to dwell on the Prophets' contradicting commands, as the Prophet of Regret had given orders to destroy the Kig-Yar "heretics" in the Rubble, while Reth claimed that he was following orders from the Prophet of Truth. Based on this, Zhar believed that the Covenant leadership was not as united and infallible as he had been led to believe, and suspected that the Hierarchs were manipulating the Sangheili for their own ends. He voiced these concerns to Thel 'Vadamee, who rebuked him and warned him not to entertain such thoughts.

After the battle, Zhar and Thel were brought before Truth and Regret aboard the Covenant vessel Infinite Sacrifice. Upon being told that he was to be executed for his failures, Zhar drew his energy sword with the intent to murder the Prophet of Truth. However, Thel anticipated Zhar's attack, decapitating his former friend with his energy sword.[3] Unknowingly, Thel's actions had saved his own life; he was granted command of a ship in a new Covenant fleet and was ordered never to speak of the events that had transpired.


  • Ahead of his time, Zhar's attempt to kill the High Prophet of Truth with an energy sword was stopped by Thel 'Vadamee; many years later, Thel would successfully kill the same Prophet similarly.
  • His comments about humans are almost identical to those by another Sangheili featured in Conversations from the Universe.

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