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Quotes Worth Mentioning

"You are insane. All of you."
James Norrington, about #halopedia

"Pjao tjar."
— Various

"Because I need 3 accounts to hold the entirety of my ego"
— Ajax 013

"Uranium-238 and Plutonium-239 walk into a bar. After having a few drinks, they split. There are no survivors in a 26 block radius."
— Delta-269


19:59 Blemo|Away: For those that are curious: Press Ctrl F5. (shut up, for those who know what it means.)

19:59 Pryo_Zarkum:XD

19:59 Spirit-of-HALO:"Welcome to hell" is informal and dumb.

19:59 Pryo_Zarkum:i dun know that one

19:59 *** zuka_zamamee quit (Client Quit)


19:59 Pryo_Zarkum:LMAO

19:59 Wall_Cat:No, it's Ctrl-W

20:00 Blemo|Away:Spirit-of-HALO: It's honest. ;)

20:00 Delta-269:XD

20:00 Grievous797:XD

20:00 *** zuka_zamamee joined #halopedia

20:00 Pryo_Zarkum:OMFG he quit again!

20:00 Pryo_Zarkum:ROFL

20:00 Delta-269:

20:00 Grievous797: ROFL

20:00 Spirit-of-HALO: Exactly Blemo.

20:00 Pryo_Zarkum: Try ctrl+w

20:00 zuka_zamamee: blemo if i ever find you i will stab you

20:00 Grievous797: ROFL

20:00 KRYPTONSPARTAN: Its a chain reaction XD

20:00 Pryo_Zarkum: lmao

20:00 Grievous797 needs to quote this

20:00 Grievous797: Do I have permission?

20:00 Delta-269: Blemo|Away, you got the "guess what?" thing!

20:00 Pryo_Zarkum: quote it!

20:00 zuka_zamamee: qoute me

20:00 Blemo|Away: Grievous797: I have it.

20:00 Delta-269: quote it!

20:00 Blemo|Away: Delta-269: Feel free to use it. ^_^

20:01 Grievous797: Quoting...

20:01 Delta-269: kk

20:01 zuka_zamamee: pryo: will that log me out

20:01 Pryo_Zarkum: press ctrl+w

20:01 Pryo_Zarkum: no

20:01 zuka_zamamee: i will stab you if i ever find you if it logs me out

20:01 *** zuka_zamamee quit (Client Quit)

20:01 Blemo|Away Delta-269: I took some irrevelent parts out, like people talking /parting, /joining, or talking about other crap that distracts the reader.

20:01 Grievous797 XD

20:01 Pryo_Zarkum ROFLMAO

20:01 Wall_Cat ahahaha

20:01 Grievous797 ROFL

20:01 Delta-269 Blemo|Away, I noticed

20:01 Pryo_Zarkum HOLY CRAP IM DYING

20:02 Blemo|Away zuka_zamamee: Try Ctrl F5. XD


20:02 Delta-269 XD XD XD XD

20:02 *** zuka_zamamee joined #halopedia

20:02 Grievous797 fell out of his chair

20:02 Grievous797:HOLY S*IT

20:02 Pryo_Zarkum:THATS THREE OWNS

20:02 Delta-269:XD XD XD XD

20:02 Grievous797:Quoting

20:02 zuka_zamamee:I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:02 Blemo|Away:XD


<Blemo|Away> I'm going to break your Benjamin if you keep using caps!!!!

2nd Round of Pwnage

<Pryo_Zarkum>: zuka_zamamee: Alt+F4 makes you un-sign-out able

<Spirit-of-HALO>: Not much.

Gunner joined #halopedia

<Grievous797> That was epic

<Grievous797> wtf socks

<Pryo_Zarkum> zuka_zamamee: hello?

Gunner quit (Client Quit)

zuka_zamamee quit (Client Quit)

GUNNER061 quit (Client Quit)

Pyro_4_Profit quit (Client Quit)


  • Mouse_among_men GPThugs Blemo

<Blemo> He "GPThugged" me?

<Blemo> 0_0

<Mouse_among_men> You asked for a GPThug

<Bllasae> He "Gold-Pieced Thugged" you. (reference to GPT)

<Mouse_among_men> XD

<Blemo> =/

<Grievous797> xD

Altair blends in well

  • AltairAssassin wonders if he will be an op

<zuka_zamamee> nope ban hasnt lifted yet

  • KillerCRS says probably not
  • AltairAssassin says nowai
  • zuka_zamamee says it wont watever it is

<Azzt> no

<AltairAssassin> Gee thanks for your support

<AltairAssassin> :P

  • zuka_zamamee Azzt
  • Azzt ahax_xiii
  • Azzt Churchreborn
  • Azzt Wall_Cat

<CloneAssasin> ohai Azzt

<KillerCRS> You need to be here for a year and 2 months to be an op

<KillerCRS> srsly

<AltairAssassin> *ahem*

  • AltairAssassin has been here for a year and two months
  • AltairAssassin is now known as Grievous797

<Spirit-of-HALO> I've requested to be an Op.

<Grievous797> Idiot

<Grievous797> :P

<Spirit-of-HALO> To Relentless.

  • Azzt grievs

<KillerCRS> oh

<zuka_zamamee> griev

<KillerCRS> never mind

<Grievous797> XD

<KillerCRS> :P

<Grievous797> pwnt

<Grievous797> xD

<Spirit-of-HALO> lol

  • Grievous797 is now known as AltairAssassin

<KillerCRS> Thought you were some noob

<CloneAssasin> XD

  • AltairAssassin blends in to the crowds well

Third Pwnage

BananaCat: CTRL+W?

Pryo_Zarkum: ya

  • Halofan joined #halopedia

Pryo_Zarkum: try it its so much fun!

Halofan: hey

Grievous797: Yeah, it's cool

  • BananaCat quit ("CGI:IRC")

Pryo_Zarkum: ROFL

Grievous797: OH MY GOD

Delta-269: I do it all the time at school, sometimes to other peoples laptops

Pryo_Zarkum: AGAIN!

Halofan: do what?

Grievous797: QUOTING

Delta-269: XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

AdmiralTH: lmao, did BC just try it????

Delta-269: INDEED

Grievous797: xD

Pryo_Zarkum: Halofan: press control+w

AdmiralTH: XD

Grievous797: I need to quote this

Grievous797: brb

  • Halofan quit (Client Quit)

Pryo_Zarkum: its so much fun

Grievous797: OH MY LAWD

Pryo_Zarkum: ROFL

Pryo_Zarkum: AGAIN

Pwned again

BananaCat: CTRL+ What?

Delta-269: CTRL+W

BananaCat: nvm

Krypton_Spartan: Do it,do it, do it!!

BananaCat: k

  • BananaCat quit (Client Quit)

Krypton_Spartan XD

Delta-269 XD


BananaCat: k

BananaCat: Ctrl+F5...

  • BananaCat quit (Client Quit)

Perhaps, a relation?

(Remarking upon Indiana Jones 4's ending)

21:19 Delta-269: Dude, that Russian woman died like Grievous! she had fire spouting from her eyes! XD

Your Suffering Will Be Legendary

Not Safe For Work, Ya Know.

[19:15] * ElectricSquid notes all the Japanese sex dolls, and the possible advances in technology they might make. O_O

[19:15] <Lord_Grievous> Hot Asian Terminators?

[19:15] <Lord_Grievous> Cool.

[19:15] <ElectricSquid> Hey, they might go from inflatables to androids in a few decades, just saying.

[19:15] <ElectricSquid> XD

[19:15] <ElectricSquid> yeah ROFL

[19:15] * Lord_Grievous gets in line for enslavement to his cyborg masters or, mistresses

[19:15] <Lord_Grievous> Giggity.

[19:16] <Karl_Ludwig> Lord_Grievous: ;)

[19:16] <ElectricSquid> Except they don't want to kill you with guns, they'll kill you with sexual exhaustion

[19:16] <Karl_Ludwig> I think the words of Eminem fit right about now:

[19:16] <Lord_Grievous> Consider me ready for Judgment Day.

[19:16] <Lord_Grievous> :P

[19:16] <ElectricSquid> XD

[19:16] <ElectricSquid> ROFL

[19:16] <Karl_Ludwig> "Loose yourself in the music"

[19:16] <ElectricSquid> They scan your brain through your eyes, which some might mistake for a lustful gaze

[19:17] * Lord_Grievous raises his hands to the sky "Take me now, SkyNet!"

[19:17] <ElectricSquid> then they determine your ultimate sexual fantasy and the next best course of action

[19:17] <ElectricSquid> XD

[19:17] <Karl_Ludwig> meh

[19:17] <ElectricSquid> lol

[19:17] <Lord_Grievous> Knowing our luck, the mind of Pinhead would be downloaded into them.

[19:17] <ElectricSquid> ???

[19:18] <Karl_Ludwig> I'd prefer to dress mine in clothing that would make you finish before starting, if you know what I mean ;)

[19:18] <ElectricSquid> pinhead?

[19:18] <ElectricSquid> whoa

[19:18] <Lord_Grievous> Hellraiser, you fool.

[19:18] <Karl_Ludwig> Pinhead: Hellraiser dude

[19:18] <Karl_Ludwig> oh

[19:18] <ElectricSquid> oh

[19:18] <ElectricSquid> Frunner: wouldn't that be no clothing? ;P

[19:18] <Karl_Ludwig> Lord_Grievous: What is your pleasure? (saw "that box")

[19:18] <ElectricSquid> or a fine birthday suit?

[19:19] <Lord_Grievous> "Ok hot cyborgs! Let's get it on!" "Your suffering will be legendary." "That sounds kinky, wait. Ooo, tingly. Wait, not with the saw blad- *Sounds of flesh being ripped apart*"

[19:19] <Karl_Ludwig> we

[19:19] <ElectricSquid> ;p-XD

[19:19] <ElectricSquid> XD

[19:19] <Karl_Ludwig> Lord_Grievous: it was always yours

[19:19] <Karl_Ludwig> that's the beginning of Hellraiser in a nutshell

[19:19] * sekrit (n=charitwo@wikia/Charitwo) has joined #halopedia

[19:19] <ElectricSquid> I have a cute Asian girl for a neighbor

[19:19] <ElectricSquid> :P

[19:19] <Karl_Ludwig> hawt

[19:20] <Lord_Grievous> I have two.

[19:20] <ElectricSquid> indeed

[19:20] <ElectricSquid> lol

[19:20] <Karl_Ludwig> ROFL! Chari walked in at the wrong time

[19:20] <ElectricSquid> lulz

[19:20] <Lord_Grievous> Out-of-contextness, FTW.

[19:20] <ElectricSquid> indeed

[19:21] <ElectricSquid> well, I have to go now

[19:21] <ElectricSquid> for realz

[19:21] <ElectricSquid> We'll continue this discussion at a different time, maybe

[19:21] <ElectricSquid> if one of the opz doesn't freak :P

[19:22] <Lord_Grievous> Yes, let us continue this scene out of "Se7en" some other time. :P

[19:22] <ElectricSquid> I'm sure CT would like a hot Asian terminator sexbot thing... XD bye

[19:22] * ElectricSquid (n=5adc214e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ Quit ("CGI:IRC"�)

[19:22] <Karl_Ludwig> meh, I could just ask Subtank for pictures

[19:22] <Lord_Grievous> How would she be there?!