Unidentified Marine (Ghost's platoon)

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Unidentified Marine
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Before March 28, 2546[Note 1]

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"I need you to be strong - strong enough to do what you've never done in your life. Can you be strong enough to allow yourself to be... can you just be human?"
— The Private's final words to "Ghost"

This unidentified private was a member of the UNSC Marine Corps who fought during the Human-Covenant War.


At some point in early 2546,[Note 1] she fought under the command of a sergeant nicknamed Ghost.[1] She was close to him and greatly admired his leadership skills.[1] However, she was saddened by Ghost's demeanor, as he did not display emotion, instead preferring to remain cold and distant.[1] The Marine was mortally wounded in an engagement that resulted in the deaths of every member of the platoon save Ghost. With her final words she urged the sergeant to "... be human."[1]

Her last words to Ghost appear to have motivated his actions three years later during the Algolis Invasion.[1] Ghost was tasked with destroying navigation data and a powered exoskeleton prototype in accordance with the Cole Protocol.[1] He disobeyed orders, instead using the armor to hold Covenant forces back while his men evacuated the area.[1] He activated the armor's self-destruct function by speaking the activation code: "Be human." The resulting explosion killed Ghost and the surrounding Covenant forces.[1] His last thoughts were of the promise he made to the dying Marine.[1]

Production notes[edit]

The Marine was voiced by Luci Christian, who also voiced Kelly-087 in The Package.[2]


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