UNSC Fast Gus

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UNSC Fast Gus
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Winter-class prowler


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The UNSC Fast Gus is a Winter-class prowler assigned to Argent Moon that was utilized by Intrepid Eye for her own purposes.[1]

Service history[edit]

In order to continue with her plans regarding asteroidea merozoite, Intrepid Eye sent Lieutenant Bartalan Craddog and rogue ONI unit Papa-10 to Pinnacle Station in the Fast Gus with the intention of retrieving the cryo-jars containing the organs of the Tuwa family.[2] The rogue team was ferried from the prowler to the Pinnacle Station in one of the station's utility skiffs sent by Administrator Sloan where they set out to retrieve the cryo-jars hold the Tuwa family's organ and executed the Dark Moon Enterprises' couriers that brought the jars to the station in a Turaco. However, an attack by the Keepers of the One Freedom forced the Papa-10 survivors to flee the station in a transport shuttle. Though team leader Bhu Zdenyk wondered if they could use the shuttle to rendezvous with the Fast Gus, Oriel informed him that it would be impossible as the shuttle was automated and would instead take them to the surface of Meridian.[3]

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