Type-27 beam rifle/Gameplay

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Halo 4[edit]

  • In the campaign, the T-27 Beam Rifle is first obtained in Dawn.
  • As with the previous Type-50 particle beam rifle, the T-27 Beam Rifle is most often found in the hands of Jackal Snipers or in Covenant supply cases. Unlike in Halo 3, though, Beam Rifles are not too uncommon even on all difficulties.
  • When using the Beam Rifle, it should be remembered that it is a sniper weapon, and should be used at long ranges, to take out high priority targets (preferably) with headshots, or in the case of Hunters, a shot to the exposed orange flesh. Due to its difficulty to use at close and medium quarters, it is advisable to keep a good short-range secondary weapon, in case an enemy moves too close to use the Beam Rifle effectively.
    • Promethean Knights can teleport closer to the player, encouraging use of a powerful short-range weapon like the Scattershot or SAW in addition to having the Beam Rifle.
  • Just like with the T-50 and Binary Rifle, the T-27 Beam Rifle is immune to the effects of the Tilt skull, unlike its human counterpart.
  • The beams can ricochet off of hard surfaces, allowing for multiple kills in one shot, although this requires great skill.

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

  • The Beam Rifle appears in both the campaign and multiplayer, once again found in the hands of Jackal Snipers. As with previous games, the Beam Rifle becomes more common on higher difficulties.
  • Warzone features two upgraded variants of the Beam Rifle:
    • Sword of the Faithful: an improved variant with upgraded hipfire accuracy, faster heat dissipation, and a faster rate of fire, making it useful for extended long-range engagements and more useful for medium-range combat due to its increased rate of fire and hipfire accuracy.
    • Krith's Left Hand: an advanced variant that fires in three-round bursts and can kill a Spartan in one shot if all three rounds hit. This has less accuracy than the other variants, making it more dangerous for unskilled snipers, but the weapon is otherwise very useful for Snapshot medals.