The Punished Deeds

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A scribe working on the record of The Punished Deeds.

The Punished Deeds,[1] also known as the Record of Punished Deeds, is a Covenant historical document. Part of the document was published by a San'Shyuum scribe in November 2552 on High Charity.[2] The document regarded the history of the Covenant, as well as its founding species: the San'Shyuum and Sangheili.[2] It has at least three volumes.[1]


The Punished Deeds, Vol. III[edit]

Volume III notes that Ripa 'Moramee "has no fear of death". The Arbiter, before entering any Forerunner relic, would send in a group of Unggoy to check for danger. If there was danger, he would make the Unggoy detonate their methane tanks.[1] It also notes that the Prophet of Regret used manipulation and blackmail against the High Prophet of Restraint to gain his position as a Hierarch.[1]

  • Extract 1: The youngest of the new Prophets, Regret ascended by manipulating and blackmailing those around him. Regret was one of the Prophets who visited the Oracle, an ancient AI, where it was learned that the humans were somehow connected to the Forerunner race and that the very foundation of Covenant belief was flawed. Their decision to eradicate humanity to hide these facts is debated to this day.
  • Extract 2: This new Arbiter did not fear death, but even he was afraid of what was inside the relics of the Ancients. Before he entered a relic, he would send in a squad of Unggoy to check for any signs of danger. If all was clear, they would live, but at the slightest sign of trouble, the Arbiter would detonate plasma bombs attached to the methane tanks.
  • Extract 3: The new Arbiter was almost immediately tested. An installation of the Ancients near remnants of a massive space installation that was thought to contain a "key," an object that was believed could be used to activate technology. The installation was heavily defended by a growing faction of Elites who did not agree with the ways of the new Prophets. The Arbiter killed them in a battle that raged for days. A key was never found, but the dissident movement was silenced.
  • Extract 4: The Shield World that Regret intended to activate was one of just a few that the Covenant had uncovered in the quest for the Halos. These treasure chests of technology enabled the Covenant to quickly gain access to advanced weaponry and space propulsion systems, allowing them to dominate the galaxy.

Unknown volume[edit]

This volume documents the history of the title of Arbiter and its holders' role in early Sangheili history, spanning from the time before the San'Shyuum-Sangheili War to the era of the Covenant.[2] The Taming of the Lekgolo, and how the Arbiter ended the war and helped incorporate the Lekgolo into the Covenant, is also related.[3] A later entry describes the Unggoy Rebellion, its quelling by an Arbiter, and the Unggoy's acceptance into the Covenant military.[4] Finally, the document records the career of Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee and his eventual elevation to Arbiter. The aforementioned scribe included his own opinion that Thel 'Vadamee should not have been given the title of Arbiter due to the threat he poses to the Covenant following the Great Schism.[5]


In Halo Wars, the player can see entries into "The Punished Deeds, Vol. III"[1] in the Timeline and Events section from the title screen, after unlocking data and events.

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