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This article contains information about a non-canonical subject that, while official, is not part of the established Halo universe.

The TheRealYapYap is a satirical twitter account purporting to be that of Yapyap the Destroyer, run by an unidentified 343 Industries employee or group of employees. The account was created on March 28, 2018[1] to coincide with the first The Yappening, an occasional event in 343 Industries' games, in which Yapyap takes control of the game and adds a variety of wacky changes and gamemodes.[2] The Twitter features Yapyap's thoughts about several Halo-related subjects, often asserting his superiority over them or threatening to destroy them. He appears to have a rivalry with Yabda, a fellow Unggoy.[citation needed] Yapyap often interacts with and responds to other notable Halo-related Twitter accounts, including the official Halo Twitter account.[3]

Mentioned characters[edit]

During his tenure on Twitter, Yapyap has mentioned a number of characters in the Halo universe. Some of these have been existing characters while others were entirely new ones. Those in the latter category are not considered canonical.


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  • Poonflim: An Unggoy who Yapyap pranked by swapping out his gas before a mating quest.[4]
  • Griblip: An Unggoy who Yapyap ordered to wash his Ghost along with Yampa. He returned three days later with broken arms and a tattoo saying "A DOG".[5]
  • Yampa: An Unggoy who Yapyap ordered to wash his Ghost along with Griplip. He returned three days later with broken arms and having become an ordained minister.[5]
  • Bumps-The-Ground: A Huragok who YapYap suspects caused his methane to smell like body odor, as retribution for Yapyap yelling at him. Yapyap has declared that he will exact his revenge on Bumps.[6]
  • Pitlimp: An Unggoy that YapYap identified as one of his best friends.[7]


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