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Chyler Silva, a member of the family

For a time, Chyler Silva and her family resided in the human colonized system of Cygnus and then later moved to the planet Mamore.[1]


Chyler Silva and her brother, Grayson, were born to United Nations Space Command military personnel.[2] Chyler was born circa 2510 on the Outer Colony of Cygnus II. After the Haven arcology terrorist bombing in 2511, the Silvas moved to Mamore following the UNSC's response to bolster its military presence on the colony. As a result, Chyler and Grayson grew up accustomed to the insurrectionist violence around Mamore.[1] From a young age, they were taught by their parents on how to protect themselves like all other civilians. In preparation for emergencies, Chyler's father would often race her and her brother to a local bomb shelter, allowing them to stay up half an hour past bedtime if they beat him.[2] Chyler's mother taught her how to hold a rifle when she was ten years of age.[verification needed]

Chyler and Grayson's parents were killed in the line of duty sometime prior to the start of the Covenant War, prompting Chyler to enlist in the UNSC once she was of age. Chyler attended the prestigious Corbulo Academy of Military Science on Circinius IV as a freshman cadet of the class of 2529. Chyler Silva was later killed on April 26, 2526 when the planet was attacked by the Covenant.[3]


  • Silva's father and mother - Both parents were UNSC military personnel who eventually died in battle against rebels.
  • Chyler Silva – An officer cadet at Corbulo Academy and member of Hastati Squad.
  • Grayson Silva - Chyler's brother.
  • Silva's cousin - A relative of both Chyler and Grayson Silva, whose school became the target of a rebel bombing that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of children.[2]

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