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Rejuverol is a brand of human drink commonly dispersed in bottles.[1][2] It has been known to be provided to personnel that were awakened rapidly from cryosleep, helping them to quickly recover from its side effects.[1]



  • Rejuverol-10: This a Rejuverol product that is known to be high in vitamins and minerals.[2][3]


Rejuverol has seen use within the United Nations Space Command for decades. In 2526, Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson was given a bottle following his rapid awakening from cryogenic stasis.[1] During the Battle for Zeta Halo in late 2559, TJ Murphy was given a bottle of Rejuverol-10 when his group of survivors reached the makeshift UNSC base set up at the UNSC Mortal Reverie's crash site.[2]

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