Rapturous Arc

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Rapturous Arc
Production information


Covenant Empire





1,500 metres (4921 ft 3 in)


Repulsor engines


Resistant to 1 plasma torpedo or 1+ MAC rounds


Service information

Year introduced:

Battle of Installation 05


Battle of Installation 05


Covenant Navy, later Flood


The Rapturous Arc was a Covenant destroyer. It was attached to the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity as one of the vanguard ships of High Charity in 2552. When the fleet arrived at Installation 05, the Rapturous Arc was one of the ships present. During the Battle of Installation 05, the ship was one of four destroyers that tried to destroy all the Flood infected ships escaping Installation 05 while the rest of the fleet destroyed itself as the Jiralhanae and Sangheili fought.

The Rapturous Arc was overwhelmed by the Flood which began to take control of it. The Elite Shipmaster sent out a desperate message to the Fleet, warning of the infection and asking to be destroyed rather than become "instruments" of the Flood. The signal abruptly terminated, and the Rapturous Arc crashed into another ship to infect it. For a brief moment, the Elite and Brute ships ceased fire to destroy all the Flood that were trying to escape, including destroying the Rapturous Arc. As soon as it was done, however, they started attacking one another again.[1]

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