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Ecuador,[1] South America, Earth[2]


Quito,[1] officially San Francisco de Quito,[2] is a city in Ecuador.[1] It is one of Earth's six tether cities, and its infrastructure is managed with the help of a second generation "dumb" Superintendent-class artificial intelligence.[3][4] It houses the base of the Quito Space Tether.[5]

The skyline of Quito is dominated by the immense base structure of the space tether, surrounded by futuristic skyscrapers.[5] It was considered a major city of Earth.[6]


The Quito Space Tether was completed on January 14, 2313 and named on March 9, 2401.[5][2]

Although it is unknown if the city was attacked by the Covenant during the Battle for Earth in late 2552, the tether was nevertheless amongst the four that survived the invasion.[1]


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