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Ecuador,[1] South America, Earth[2]


Quito,[1] officially San Francisco de Quito,[2] is a city in Ecuador.[1] It is one of Earth's six tether cities, and its infrastructure is managed with the help of a second generation "dumb" Superintendent-class artificial intelligence.[3][4] It houses the base of the Quito Space Tether.[5]

The skyline of Quito is dominated by the immense base structure of the space tether, surrounded by futuristic skyscrapers.[5] It was considered a major city of Earth.[6]


The Quito Space Tether was completed on January 14, 2313 and named on March 9, 2401.[5][2]

By late 2552, the tether and the city were still standing and seemingly undamaged,[5] and the tether was amongst the four that survived the Battle of Earth.[1]


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