Phoenix Logs/Campaign Logs/Warped Reflections

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Phoenix log artwork

Plutus, Brute captain. Emergency signal. 6/4/2559

Voridus, this is Plutus! This is not a call for help, as I know it is already too late for us, but rather a warning. The Flood scourge has breached our base and I can hear the screams of my Jiralhanae brothers from the outer corridors as they fall to the monstrosities.

We were preparing the laser drills for power extraction when an Unggoy spotted the first form. We laughed at typical Unggoy panic until we saw a Wraith engulfed by a wave of seethering sickness. Our defences did little to stop the sheer numbers of Flood when they first attacked, swarming over the turrets and silencing them under mounds of filth. We fell back inside, but they crawled and slithered through the vents and cracks and our base became a slaughterhouse.

I watched as battle-hardened Jiralhanae screamed in terror as the Flood twisted their forms into horrifying new shapes, their eyes pleading for a swift death. Warriors I had fought side by side which turned upon me with unknowing eyes and terrible rage. I ordered the few survivors to fall back to the inner corridors as I planted my last cache of plasma mines, hoping to put an end to the torment suffered by those infected.

There were moments of silence after the mines exploded, which we used to count our numbers and weapons. We have not enough to hold for an hour, let alone push back this enemy. Already, the uncanny screams have started rumbling again, and the pounding has begun as they fling their battered and contorted bodies against the door.

We laughed at the Covenant rumors about High Charity, but they were all true. The Flood will consume all. You must...

[Transcription ends]